January 2017 Update

After some technical hiccups and a busy holiday season, we’re back with an update! First up, we visited Violet Township Fire Station 591 in September 2016 as preparations were made for its demolition. We wanted to capture what the station looked like in day-to-day operation in its final days. The firefighters moved to a temporary facility and the building was demolished a month after our visit. A new facility better equipped for modern firefighting equipment will take its place in 2018.

Staying in the Pickerington area, we have added Harmon Road Haunt to our Contributed Stories section. An anonymous contributor was headed home on Christmas Eve when three of the four people in the vehicle witnessed a man in a white hoodie walking alongside the road. Everyone thought for sure they were going to hit him, but the man had vanished after they passed him.

Maple Drive House has also been added to the Contributed Stories. Jenny Jones wrote in with her family’s experiences in a rental home there. Jenny and her children witnessed shadowy figures in the house regularly and would often hear footsteps upstairs. Later a neighbor told her that the former homeowner had committed suicide in the detached garage.

Hauntings and legends have been added to the following counties: Butler, Fairfield, FranklinKnox, and Mahoning.