Maple Drive House – Contribution

01/03/2017: Thank you to Jenny Jones for sharing her family’s strange experiences at a home they rented on Maple Drive in Columbus. She and her children both saw dark shadowy figures in the home and heard heavy footsteps walking in the upstairs. Jenny later learned from neighbors that the former homeowner had committed suicide in the garage.

Rented a house [on] Maple Drive for three years. Would see shadows out of the corners of my eyes all the time, flickering lights, kids saw dark shadow type things running up the stairs (they had the entire upstairs/cape cod for their bedroom). One night the youngest child woke up screaming that a black vortex type thing was swirling by his bed. We heard footsteps walking heavily back and forth upstairs when the kids were gone for the weekend. Then one night we heard the footsteps while the kids were in bed, upstairs, asleep. They didn’t wake up but it was unnerving.

I had a personal encounter with a shadow man. I was leaving the back porch, walking to the detached garage, glanced back at the porch and low and behold, there is a super tall black shadow man standing there just where I had been. He simply vanished; that freaked me out. He had been watching me, following me? Wanted me to see him? He did not have the trench coat and hat on, as I’ve read some shadow people reports.

We bought a house and we’re preparing to move, was outside telling the neighbors, and curiously asked if they had heard anything from previous renters about the house. What he said shocked me! Apparently, the house was built in the 50s by a married couple. They lived there until the age when the wife took a fall in the driveway and goes in the hospital. The husband shot himself in the detached garage six months later.

Other things happened that can’t be explained. I saw by boyfriend’s doppelganger and something was feeling me up in bed one night until I loudly told it to “knock it off!” That place was truly haunted. It’s still a rental to this day. Side note: My niece and her husband rented the house across the street and also had experiences though they only lived there a year. I always wondered if the ghostly occurrences happen in several homes in the area.