Welcome to the Ohio Exploration Society website. Founded in 2000, the OES is a group of urban explorers who visit both well-known historic locations and those forgotten with time. Members of the Ohio Exploration Society research and photograph locations that include everything from abandoned buildings to rural cemeteries to ancient Indian mounds to wonders of nature. We publish our research and photos on this website in an attempt to preserve the history and memory of these important sites. Within this website, you will find videos that were shot on location, 360º interactive panoramic photos, thousands of digital photos, and the stories behind the places we’ve visited throughout the years. While some of the locations are safe for anyone to visit, others are extremely dangerous. The OES is not responsible if you decide to visit any of the locations listed on this website. Please keep in mind that many of the locations listed here are located on private property. Always seek permission before entering private property, and always be respectful if you decide to visit any location. Adhere to the urban explorer’s creed of “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.” If you know of a location that you would like to see featured by the OES, please complete our Exploration Submission Form.

In addition to documenting Ohio’s forgotten and historic sites, the Ohio Exploration Society offers paranormal investigations to property owners free of charge. Members of our core paranormal team each have 20 years of experience investigating and researching paranormal phenomenon. Unlike some groups that emulate what they have seen on paranormal television shows or mistakenly claim to be scientific, the OES and our partners have developed our own investigative techniques. Our team uses an observe and report method through the use of video and digital cameras, audio recorders, and other specialized equipment combined with historical research to document paranormal events. We may also use intuitive research for certain investigations or upon request. If you would like to request the OES’ paranormal services, please complete our Paranormal Investigation Form.

The menu bar includes sections of the OES website. Simply click the type of location you would like to visit, and you will see a list with all of the locations we have visited. Visit the Internet links section below for other interesting urban exploration and paranormal-related websites. Thank you for stopping by the OES website. Enjoy your stay, and come back soon!

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If you have further information on any place you see on this website that is not listed, please use the contact information below. You will receive full credit for any submissions you make. If you would like to make a monetary contribution to the OES, click here.

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