September 2016 Update

We have continued to tweak the website for optimal performance and have squashed several bugs sent in by visitors. Thank you to everyone who sent us things to fix! As promised in our last update, we have some new stuff for you this time.

Siesta Motel and Rear-Range Lighthouse have been added to the Structures section of the website. Siesta Motel is an old, and reportedly haunted, motel along US 40 in Norwich about 10 miles east of Zanesville. The Rear-Range Lighthouse, home of the “Blue Lady,”  is our second out-of-state structure to be featured on the website. The lighthouse is on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina (AKA Ohio South). We added St. Jacob Cemetery to the Cemetery section. The Licking County cemetery is home to the “Kinder Der Nacht” legend and includes a video of a strange mist that we recorded during our visit.

New hauntings and legends have been added to the following counties: Cuyahoga, Defiance, Franklin, Hamilton, Henry, Mahoning, and Tuscarawas.

We have photographed numerous locations that still need to be researched and uploaded. Hopefully we’ll have another update by Halloween. In other news, we’ll be in Baltimore, Ohio at the Victoria Opera House open house this Sunday, September 18. Feel free to say hi if you see us!