Cuyahoga County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Cuyahoga County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Bay Village 

Bay High School – Students of this high school hear bangs and can sometimes see knobs turning in the auditorium’s light booth. The ghost makes lights flicker in the auditorium and messes with the sound switches. The occasional mysterious footsteps can be heard. The origin of the ghost is unknown.

Huntington Playhouse – The theater is haunted by two ghosts, one being Mr. Huntington, the man who owned the land where the theater was built. The other ghost is that of an electrician, who likes to turn the lights on and off while there is a play or during practice.


Highland View Hospital – Shades were pulled by ghostly hands, strange sounds were heard and doors locked and unlocked by themselves. The hospital was demolished around 2010 to become the new headquarters of Eaton Corporation. It is not known if haunts carried over to the new building.


Louis Stokes VA Medical Center – Numerous patients died at the medical center over the years for various reasons from cancer to suicide by hanging. A man hanged himself from a tree between buildings five and six a couple of years before the place closed. Many people, both staff and visitors, reported seeing ghostly figures wandering the halls and grounds at night.

 Broadview Heights 

Broadview Developmental Center – Built in 1939, the building was formerly known as the Broadview Veterans Administration Hospital. The hospital was largely used to treat tuberculosis during its early years and was later converted to a developmental center, catering to the mentally challenged. Perhaps it was from those days when the ghost of the “Pink Lady” originated. She was said to roam the halls and was occasionally seen through the windows. The building was demolished in 2006, although some outbuildings remain in use today.

New Hampton Subdivision – This housing development constructed in 2001 is said to have been built atop a Native American burial site. Residents of the subdivision have reported doors shutting on their own, orbs in photographs, and several have even seen Native American spirits. (Credits: Grant Hawkins)


Brooklyn High School – The high school’s auditorium is said to be haunted by the ghost of someone who fell to his death from the second floor of the auditorium. Known as Clarence, someone must ask the ghost’s permission to use the auditorium before performances. If they don’t, Clarence will wreck havoc on the show. One year when no one remembered to ask, all of the lights went off for no apparent reason. After everyone had left and it was determined that nothing was wrong with the lights, they came back on. The dark room used to develop student photos is said to be haunted as well. Students often hear unexplainable noises in the room and have a feeling of being watched when they are alone. They occasionally hear laughing, giggling and cries of a young child.

Brooklyn Middle School – The middle school in Brooklyn is reportedly haunted by a ghost known as John. He is believed to have graduated from the school more than 75 years ago. John was killed in a horrible accident on his way home from the graduation ceremony. He was frequently bullied in life, so his ghost is said to watch out for other students who are picked on today. John’s presence is mostly reported on the lower floors.


Agora Theater – Witnesses have seen a man dressed in a yellow raincoat in various places throughout the theater. Members of the cleaning crew have reported doors unlocking and opening on their own. A strange presence has been felt by guests and employees in the basement lounge. (Credits: Grant Hawkins)

Aqua Nightclub – Formerly Old Jim’s Steakhouse on Scranton Road, the club is said to be haunted by Old Jim himself.

Art Attack – The building that housed the Art Attack art gallery on West 25th Street is haunted by three spirits. The ghost of a man wearing a brown suit had been seen and there was a general feeling of a strong presence in the store. A medium who visited the location said one of the spirits left upon her arrival, and the two others were named Dan and Adalie. It turned out that Dan had died from a heart attack in 1978 at the business of the gallery owner’s aunt and had been buried wearing a brown suit. Related: Contribution

Bourbon House – Residents of this home, located down the street from the infamous Franklin Castle, have experienced odd events over the years. Particularly, a young child living in the home reportedly had conversations with the ghost of the man who built the home.

Collinwood School – Now a state monument, the school was the site of a huge fire on March 4, 1908. One hundred seventy five people perished during the tragedy. A common myth says the doors of the school opened inward rather than outward, preventing escape, but this has proven to be false. Many students died when they panicked and rushed the stairway, creating a sort of traffic jam in the stairwell. Others died from smoke inhalation and some died after jumping from windows. Residents who live near the school have reported seeing a light come on in one room, go down the hall and back to where it came. Police have investigated the light, but no one has ever been found in the building.

Davron Cemetery – Tombstones that appear to be broken at night appear unharmed in daylight. Bright lights can be seen coming from the cemetery. Strange sounds, such as water trickling, screams and howls can be heard. The cemetery supposedly closed in 1886 due to poor maintenance.

Drury Mansion – This fifty-two room mansion was built in 1912 and has been haunted since. Confusing hallways, huge stairways and a tunnel that connects the mansion to the Drury Theater across the street are notable. Originally built by Francis Drury for his family, the mansion was later converted into a halfway house. The ghost of a woman in old-fashioned dress with her hair up in a bun has been seen near the top of the house. Doors and windows close without explanation and a presence can be felt when no one else is around. Once, when the place was abandoned, two police officers were stationed there to deter people from going in. Reports say they were so terrified that they stood back-to-back the entire night with their guns drawn.

Erie Cemetery – The cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of Sauk Chief Joc-O-Sot. He died from an old bullet wound suffered from an earlier war on his way home from Europe. The chief’s wish was to be buried at his home in Wisconsin or Minnesota, but he only made it to Cleveland. His ghost is said to haunt the cemetery and the nearby stadium where the Cleveland Indians play today.

Federal Reserve Bank – Located at the corner of Superior Avenue and East Sixth Street, the building is haunted by the ghost of an unknown woman.

Franklin Castle – Franklin Castle is rated as Ohio’s number one haunted house by many people. Built in the mid-1800s by Hans Tiedemann, the 21-room castle has seen a wide variety of tenants, ranging from families to a doctor’s office to a party house to bootleggers. None of them have stayed in the castle for long. The secret passageways around the fourth floor ballroom are said to be haunted by Karen, Tiedemann’s illegitimate daughter. It is said that he hanged her in one of the passageways. Tiedemann is also said to have shot his mistress, Rachel, because she wanted to marry another man. The sound of her choking to death can be heard in certain rooms. A servant girl was murdered on her wedding day in the servant’s quarters for not accepting Tiedemann’s advances. Tiedemann’s wife died in the castle due to a liver problem and his fifteen-year-old daughter, Emma, died in the house from diabetes. Three of his babies died there as well. The victim of an ax murder is said to haunt the front tower and the ghostly voices of Nazis, who were machine-gunned to death during a political dispute, can be heard throughout the castle. In a small room near the rear of the castle, a pile of baby skeletons were found. Believed to be victims of an inept doctor, the cries of babies can be heard throughout the castle to this day. Families with children who have lived there have reported their youngsters would regularly play with “imaginary” friends. They would also find clothing from the early 1900s. People who have visited the castle have reported capturing ghostly orbs in photos and have heard a demon-like growl.

Grays Armory – The Grays Armory is said to be haunted by the sounds of ghostly footsteps and apparitions have been seen. The Grays were one of Cleveland’s fighting forces in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World War One.

Hamlin Hall – Legend says this building is haunted by the ghost of a young man who died there after falling down a staircase. People have reported seeing a young man who would mysteriously disappear. Cold spots can be felt around the staircase where he died.

Johnny Mango’s – This Cleveland restaurant is haunted by several ghosts. One is known as Margaret. It is believed that she died when the trolley car she was riding in crashed into the Cuyahoga River in 1895.

Mason Court Apartments – Frightening phenomenon once occurred at the apartment building. On one occasion, a witness reported seeing two gray fingers reaching out of the trap door in his kitchen. The building was demolished after it stood abandoned for a number of years.

Mater Dolorosa Cemetery – A ghostly white figure haunts this cemetery. Michael Raleigh’s 1874 tombstone is said to show his face within the marble design.

Mound Elementary School – This school is believed to be built atop an Indian burial ground, causing it to be cursed.

Mount Sinai Hospital – The old school attached to the hospital is plagued by poltergeist activity, ghostly footsteps, and flickering lights. Figures have sometimes been seen out of the corner of the eye. Sightings of ghostly children are also common.

Punderson Hotel – The ghost of an old maid is said to haunt the hotel. Reports from the third floor state loud music comes from empty rooms and a loud banging sound can be heard on the second floor.

Puratis Hill – In the 1960s, a roller coaster named “The Cyclone” at Puratis Springs Amusement Park was said to have derailed and killed everyone on the ride. Legend says that one can hear the screams of the dead at night when driving up the hill. Residents at the nearby apartment complex have reported hearing the sounds of a roller coaster. NOTE: After some investigation, the OES has determined that The Cyclone had never derailed. The park actually closed after a fire in 1958 and the Cyclone itself burned to the ground several years later. However, there were several accidents. In 1942, a man was ejected from the coaster and survived a 40-foot fall. In 1946, three women were injured within one month. Cleveland Police ordered the ride closed, but it reopened a short time later. Perhaps the screams that have been reported are those of thrill seekers who once rode what was said to have been the best ravine coaster in the country.

Renaissance Hotel – Many ghosts haunt this downtown hotel. Employees refuse to go to the fourth floor alone at night. Toilets flush and sinks turn on and off by themselves. Lights flicker for no reason. One witness on the sixth floor reported seeing a black cloud-like formation moving away from him rather quickly down the main hallway before turning the corner. He tried to search for the odd formation, but was unable to find anything. (Credits: Joseph Irvin)

Saint Joseph Academy – This high school, founded in the 1890s, used to be a boarding house for girls. Dorms on the third floor have been converted to classrooms. Both teachers and students who have stayed late have reported the ghost of a nun roaming the third floor. Some have felt her presence while alone in the third floor classrooms.

Squire Castle – This castle was built by Fergus B. Squire as a caretaker’s home while he built his real castle. His real castle was never completed, so he lived in the caretaker’s home. One night his wife died at the bottom of the basement stairs from a broken neck. Everyone suspected that Squire had done something, so he sold his land and left town. The Cleveland metroparks purchased the land and castle sometime later. They filled the basement with concrete and renovated some of the interior. It is said that one can still hear screams coming from the castle and a mysterious light can be seen passing the front windows.

Tree Bridge Hotel – The feeling of being watched has been reported at the hotel. Witnesses have also seen a gray lady roaming around the halls.

Variety Theater – A figure in white has been seen on the first floor near the old water fountain. A man with red eyes has been seen in the upper balcony. Strange noises that are rumored to be that of a man who fell off a scaffold have been heard on the stage, where he had died.

West 25th Street Alley – The alley just of West 25th Street is said to be haunted by a ghost known as Mary Ann. It is said that back in the 1930s-40s, she was raped and murdered in the alley. It wasn’t much later that people began to see her ghost dressed in all black staring at them. She has never spoken to anyone, but many feel that she is looking for her killer.


Lakeshore 7 Movie House – The theater is believed to be built atop an Indian burial ground. People have seen Native American standing behind them when looking at the mirror. When they turn to look, no one is there.

 Garfield Heights 

Garfield Park Bridge – The ghost of a man who fishes off the bridge is said to whisper in people’s ears when they’re fishing.

Lotsa Pet Store Apartment – The apartment above Lotsa Pet Store along Turney Road is said to be haunted by those who died in a fight there. It is said that in the 1940s, two guys got into a fight, which turned into a brawl and many people were shot, stabbed or choked. Passersby often hear strange sounds coming from the apartment. A former resident of the apartment actually witnessed the apparition of a little girl eating ice cream choke, fall to the ground, and vanish before her eyes. (Credit: Mike)

Mill Creek Subdivision – Some people have reported feeling a dark, negative vibe when visiting the subdivision. The property was once the Cleveland Development Center, an insane asylum, that closed in 1987. The center’s buildings were demolished and the neighborhood was built on the site.


Stone Quarry – The stone quarry in Independence was reportedly dug on an ancient Native American burial ground, disturbing the spirits. The first major incident happened in 1965 when a major storm destroyed the main entrance to the quarry. Two spirits of a young Native American man and a teenage Native American girl have been spotted on and near the quarry. (Credits: Grant Hawkins)


Great Lakes Theater Company – The building where the Great Lakes Theater Company is based was once a fire station. The building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a firefighter who died in the line of duty.


Poole Hospital – Reports of feeling like you’re being watched and odd anomalies showing up in photos are common at the hospital.

 Middlesburg Heights 

Radisson Hotel – This hotel is haunted by a few spirits. A blue ball of light has been seen in the downstairs Ontario Ballroom. Employees setting up for a banquet reported that the blue light had moved towards them. The ghost of a woman who had hanged herself years ago haunts the third floor. She is seen quite often as there are many reports of guests and employees seeing her. (Credits: Charles)

Southwest General Hospital – Many staff members have reported the feeling of someone following them while walking through the basement level at night. The sound of footsteps can often be heard, but when you turn around, no one is there. Certain areas experience sudden cold spots, usually five to eight feet in length. Unexplainable events happen in secluded areas of the hospital with the bulk of activity taking place at the Old Park Medical Pavilion and the security office. Jackets hanging on chairs will fall to the floor and objects have been thrown off of desks. Doors and lockers have also shut on their own accord. Some seasoned overnight employees have not experienced any unexplainable phenomenon.

 North Royalton 

North Royalton High School – At 4:25 PM every Friday in the hallway near the old gymnasium, legend says you can hear the sound of someone dribbling a basketball coming down the hallway. Shortly afterwards, you will hear the screams of a boy and banging on the lockers as if he was being attacked. This is attributed to a ninth grader who was supposedly killed there before a rivalry football game in the 1970s during a prank by two seniors.

 Olmsted Falls 

Chestnut Grove Cemetery – Also known as Witch’s Hill, this cemetery is said to be haunted by a witch who is supposedly buried there. If you get too close to her grave (in a fenced area near a large old tree), something bad will happen to you. Mysterious lights have also been reported coming from the rear of the cemetery near Rocky River.


Normandy High School – It is said that a group of cheerleaders were hazing a new recruit when a tile fell from the gym’s ceiling, striking the recruit in the head and killing her. The cheerleaders didn’t want to get in trouble, so they dumped her body in the woods behind the baseball diamonds. If one walks into the woods late at night, they can hear her ghost still practicing her cheers.

Pleasant Lake Nursing Home – The ghost of a little seven-year-old girl who drowned in the lake behind the nursing home has been seen in different rooms and hallways by staff members and residents.

 Valley View 

Canal Road – A ghostly car is supposed to haunt the stretch of road between Valley View and Rockside Road. There have been many reports of headlights following cars that mysteriously appear and disappear by those traveling along the road.

Edmund Gleason Farmhouse – This home is said to be haunted by an eccentric woman who once lived there. She dressed like a man and raised pigs in the barn. Abandoned since 1987, strange lights are often seen in the upstairs area of the home. A young man killed himself inside the house in 2002.

Lock Keeper’s Inn – Once called Sophie’s Bar, Sophie herself was found dead there in May of 1956. Her death was ruled a suicide but many had their doubts since three shots had been fired from the gun, but only one struck her. Sophie is now said the haunt the place, which is now abandoned.

Ohio-Erie Canal – The towpath on either side of the canal is said to be haunted by a Union soldier and his lover. Throughout the years, they have walked on opposite sides of the canal, never to meet again. The sightings of the lovers are most common near the museum, which is also said to be haunted.

Terra Vista Cemetery – Also known as Tinker’s Creek Cemetery, the place is said to be haunted and a hangout place for the occult. Feelings of being watched, hearing children laughing and hearing branches breaking when no one is there are often reported.

 West Lake 

Clague Playhouse – The playhouse was built inside an old barn that the former property owner now haunts. Known as Walter, he moves things around, makes strange noises and performs other ghostly activities. He once left odd noises on a sound effects tape. Walter seems to become more active when changes are made to the playhouse.