Mahoning County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Mahoning County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Austin Log Cabin – This old log cabin was built in the late 1700s by the township’s founder, John Austin. The cabin is now a historical landmark and is said to be guarded by a headless soldier. Residents of the town have reported seeing the headless figure in the upstairs windows as they go by. The curator has seen the soldier many times while working in the cabin.

Compass West Apartments – It is believed the apartments were built atop an Indian burial ground. Several murders have occurred on the property along with at least one suicide where a young man hanged himself with a chain from a playground swing. Residents who live on the top floors of some of the apartment buildings have reported hearing footsteps above them at night. Mysterious banging sounds have been heard coming from unoccupied apartments and ghostly children have been seen playing around the complex.

Strock House – Dogs in the home would bark at something unseen in the middle of the night and were terrified of a particular corner. The home was once part of the Underground Railroad. (Credits: Mary Rose Morley)


Beloit House – A home in the town of Beloit is said to be haunted by a murder victim who was shot and killed in the basement. Strange noises have been heard and the alarm system trips for no apparent reason. Related: Contribution


First Covenant Church – Some church members have heard strange noises, including voices and the sound of a chainsaw. Cold spots are felt throughout the church and a blurry figure has been seen sitting in the corner.

Hopkins Road House – Residents of the home have reported hearing music and laughter coming from the first floor as they laid in bed, as well as footsteps. The home was a stop on the Underground Railroad. In the 1950s, Youngstown police shot and killed a man on the edge of the pond.


Paradise Grove Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be haunted. The sound of chains and whispers can sometimes be heard there.


Walnut Street House – There have been reports of hearing voices and whispers or tapping on the walls during the night in a home along Walnut Street. People have also reported seeing a shadowy figure walking through various rooms. Objects are often moved around in the home or end up missing altogether.

 New Middletown 

Locust Grove – This old summer picnic area and swimming hole is said to be haunted by the many children who have supposedly died there. The area was closed down in the 1970s. Swimmers sometimes report feeling hands pulling at their legs while swimming. However, the current property owner has stated that no children have died at the location.

State Route 170 – A young man who died after wrecking his car on the bend of this road is said to haunt the road. He is sometimes seen wearing a flannel shirt and stands about six feet tall. The apparition appears to float across the road and is semitransparent.

 New Springfield 

Lipply Road – The cemetery that sits in a group of trees in the middle of a hayfield along this road supposedly contains the graves of three witches. Legend says their stones are those that are written in German. However, further research indicates the graves belong to a pastor and his family. Ghostly figures have been seen in the trees and passing vehicles have been known to have problems.

 North Benton 

North Benton Cemetery – The grave of an atheist named Chester Bedell is cursed by a great number of snakes. On his deathbed, Chester challenged that his grave be infested with snakes if God was real. The undertaker had trouble burying him because of the unusual number of snakes. Snakes slither in and out around his grave to this day.

 North Jackson 

Mahoning Avenue Home – A house on Mahoning Avenue in North Jackson is the site of many odd occurrences. Residents have seen mysterious wet footprints in the basement and black silhouettes creeping around. Animals in the house stare at unseen persons, growl at walls, and are sometimes afraid to go into the house. Pictures are known to fall off the walls and belongings are scattered about. (Credits: Stacey VanValien)

 Smith Township 

Lexington Road – Also known as Jewish Cemetery Road, the road is haunted by the dog of the old caretaker who died after being struck by a car. The dog would always walk the road looking for his master, Zeke. The dog was also hit by a car sometime later and is still seen walking down the road around dusk.


Mill Creek Park – Ghostly figures and orbs have been spotted in the park at night. There have reportedly been numerous drownings in the lakes and a number of fatal car accidents near the site.

Risher Road Residence – A house located on Risher Road across from the Boardman side is demonically haunted. In 2011, a contractor installing updates to the house hurriedly left shortly after beginning work and only months later stated he witnessed an object levitate and a work tool of his was thrown toward him. Residents who live at the home have reported apparitions and hearing voices. Mysterious noises are often heard in the basement, kitchen, living room and the upstairs area. Family members house sitting said the place was haunted and they would never house sit again. Psychics reading the house reported various entities including amazing demonic activity. A dirt patch next to the driveway, near Midlothian Street, does not grow grass.

Smokey Hollow – Student workers with the community recycling program have heard unexplainable whispering at the recycling site at Harrison and Adams Street. Most of the whispers were difficult to transcribe, but “17B” is heard most frequently. Witnesses have also reported brief cold spots, even on the hottest summer days. (Credit: Dean)

Youngstown Playhouse – The Youngstown Playhouse is over 80 years old and has always led the nation as one of the most successful and longest-operating community theatres. It once reigned as the nation’s largest. People have reported an overall creepy feeling when entering the playhouse. There are unexplained noises and things mysteriously move. There are reports of cold spots, strange whispering, and ghostly music. Some have reported a shadow man who sits in the balcony during rehearsals and performances. Something may haunt the light booth above the balcony as a half-seen face has surprised actors and stagehands. It appears and vanishes only when the booth is dark and empty. After being seen, a mysterious thing in white slides through a closed door. A former security guard said the feeling that someone is watching you can sometimes be overwhelming. He said that he is convinced a playhouse ghost followed him home one night. He could feel it waiting in the back seat of his car, feeling knees pressed up against his seat. These examples are just a small portion of the hundreds of stories of ghosts that haunt the playhouse.

Youngstown State University – The Kilcawley House – During the summer, students have reported hearing strange growling noises and whispering in the back stairwell near the RA’s room. Occupants of the three person room at the end of the hall have reported hearing scratching noises on the ceiling and have reported many mysterious occurrences. The apparition of a custodian can sometimes be seen on the sixth floor.