Beloit House – Contribution

09/12/2003: Thanks to an anonymous contributor for sending in this story of a haunted house in Beloit. This seems like it could be a legitimate haunt since a murder was known to have occurred in the basement of the home.

I saw this house myself and every word of this story is true. My best friend lived in a house that had been a model home back in the 1950s. It was purchased by a man who lived alone. One night he was murdered by burglars in the basement of his home after investigating strange noises. He was shot to death, and the house was sold to my friend’s parents. After they moved in, they noticed some strange things happening. Not only was there still blood and bullet holes in the wall, but they heard lots of strange noises. I never believed any of this, being quite the skeptic in these matters, but I finally realized that what she had said was true after one night. She invited us over for a sleepover, and we slept in the basement since that aws where the most space was. At approximately 1:00 that night, we heard some strange noises that sounded like a struggle going on. All of a sudden her burglar alarm and motion detector lights went on. Even after her parents looked all around, they still couldn’t find anything. I still shiver every time I drive by that house. It was just too frightening.