St. Jacob Cemetery

The OES visited Saint Jacob Cemetery on April 12, 2015 and again on April 25, 2015. Also known as Saint Jacobs Cemetery, the cemetery was established around 1834 by the St. Jacob’s German Reformed Church although some tombstones precede this date. There was a church building at the site until it was removed sometime later. The last burial we found in records happened in 1964. An iron fence totally enclosed the cemetery, including a newer portion of fence along Palmer Road. Most of the tombstones were in good shape. A handful were written in German, but most were English. Township trustees are responsible for the care and upkeep of the grounds.

St. Jacob Cemetery is host to its very own legend, known as “Kinder Der Nacht,” or “Children of the night.” The legend states that back in the 1800s, travelers passing by St. Jacob Cemetery at night would often hear the singing and laughter of children coming from the cemetery. Some even claimed to have seen shadowy figures. During our visit on April 12, we recorded several possible responses on the SB-11 spirit box. We decided to drive past the cemetery at night a few days later on April 25. One of our members was using a full spectrum GoPro camera and captured a strange mist at three different times. We did not see anything unusual with our naked eye. Coincidentally, the SB-11 we were using began to malfunction when we arrived to the cemetery and quickly died. We’re not sure if this was pure coincidence or if the mists had something to do with it. The video is included below the photos.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery

Saint Jacob Cemetery is located on the north side of Palmer Road, about a quarter mile east of Watkins Road; Licking County.