Tuscarawas County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Tuscarawas County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Yesterday’s On The Canal – This tavern located on Central Avenue in downtown Bolivar was once known as The Towpath Lounge and was owned by an individual named Charles Tomer, who killed himself in the upstairs of the tavern in 1961. The current owner and employees have reported feelings of someone being in the building when there was supposed to be no one there, especially in the upstairs area. They have also mysteriously found coins laying on the bar in the morning when they arrive for work when there were none there the night before. There have also been apparitions seen at different times over the years by numerous witnesses. Locals say the spirit who still inhabits the tavern is known as “Charlie.” Could it be the ghost of Charles Tomer? (Credits: George Baumgardner)


Dover High School – A man supposedly died in the high school’s auditorium in the late 1960s after falling from the catwalks above the stage. It is said that his ghost walks the catwalks and repeats the fall on the anniversary of his death. People who have stayed in the auditorium overnight have reported hearing screeching from the catwalks followed by a scream and then a dreadful thud. Another supposed haunting in the auditorium is that of a woman who was leaning over the balcony and fell to her death. Her ghost repeats the fall on the eve of the spring musical. The site of a former pool in the basement is said to be haunted by the ghosts of three students who drowned there. The pool was filled in, but on the anniversary of their deaths, one can hear the sound of water splashing and frantic screaming coming from the basement.

Reeves Victorian Home – The sounds of laughter and women’s chatter have been heard coming from a sitting room when no one is there.


Gnadenhutten Memorial – The memorial at the site of the Gnadenhutten Massacre is said to be haunted by the 96 Christian Indians who were murdered there.

Petry Hill Road Farmhouse – Music could be heard coming from the back room of the house, sounding like it was playing on an old Victrola, but there were no radios or anything musical in the room. A former resident of the house reported every time she made a sandwich, she would turn from the open loaf of bread on the counter only to turn back to an empty counter and the loaf tied and placed across the room on the table. She also reported that she would often fall down the stairs at night and would see a hooded figure standing at the top of the stairs pointing down to her. She once saw the figure standing at the foot of her bed, pointing to the stairs. She fell down the stairs the next night and fractured her ankle. The farmhouse has since burned down, but the haunting may continue on the property to this day. (Credits: Rebecca Wolfe)


Little Girl Creek – The ghost of a little girl wearing a Halloween costume supposedly haunts a creek in Midvale where she died while trick-or-treating. She is said to appear every Halloween night.


Postboy Hollow – The hollow surrounding Postboy Road is said to be haunted by the road’s namesake. Back in the days when mail was delivered by foot or horse, the postboy was on his way to a local tavern that served as a mail exchange point. While walking through the hollow, a thief emerged from behind a tree, murdered the postboy and stole the mail he was carrying. The murderer was later seen at the tavern with the parcels before he disappeared for good. The ghost of the postboy is now said to haunt the hollow. Many homes in the area report odd happenings that are attributed to the postboy’s ghost. There have also been recent reports of hearing unexplainable oldies music coming from the nearby woods.

Winding Stairs – A very narrow and winding road between Newcomerstown and Port Washington is the home of several instances of paranormal activity and satanic rituals. There are reports of wind, thunder and lightning along the road when there are no storms in the proximity to the area. Dark figures have been seen rising from their graves in a cemetery along the road. Radios in vehicles traveling the road change stations on their own and cell phones ring to have either a demonic voice speaking or a high-pitched crackling. Strange furry creatures have also been reported to run in front of vehicles along the road.

 New Philadelphia 

Burger King – Employees have reported hearing their names whispered after closing. Some have smelled candles burning when no candles are in the building. At least one employee claimed to see a man standing at the counter when the restaurant was already locked.

Stone Quarry – Three ghostly lights can be seen at the quarry along the Tuscarawas River. Two of the lights are red and one is white. They belong to the ghosts of a 1770s Mingo Indian chief, his Indian lover and his white wife, whom he had left. The white woman tracked down the Indian chief and his lover, shoving them off the cliff only to go down with them. Being refused a Christian burial, the spirit lights are forced to reenact their death every night. The three lights can be seen in what looks to be a struggle falling off the cliff to the river below where they disappear.

Warlock’s Grave – There is said to be a warlock’s grave in the cemetery near New Philadelphia. As the story goes, the townspeople cut off the man’s head and buried it at his feet. Each year, his head moves up ever so slightly until he can reach it. When this happens he will return from the dead. A few people who visited the gravesite lit a little votive candle and found it still burning upon their return two days later. (Credits: Robert Renicker)


Newport Avenue – Witnesses have reported seeing a Civil War soldier marching band marching down the street at night. According to local residents, a Civil War band camped near the location and would march on the road for practice. (Credits: Ethan)

Zachary T. Ghost – Currently a sub restaurant, this building used to be a tavern in the 1930s. It was during its tavern days when a man was murdered there, known as Zachary T. His ghost is now said to haunt the place. Employees once opened the store to find lit candles that had been extinguished at closing the night before.


Books ‘n Things – This bookstore is said to be haunted by the ghost of a tinsmith who once lived there. The aroma of coffee is often smelled when no coffee is being made. The ghost often rocks back and forth in a rocking chair and has been known to tuck in the store’s owners at night.

Cedar Mills Bed & Breakfast – Formerly a cabinet shop, a worker in the mid-1800s reported that the ghost of an Indian visited him, giving accurate predictions about the Civil War. The ghost predicted the outcome of the Battle of Gettysburg and President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. It is not known if the Indian still visits the building.

Cobbler Shop – The ghostly figure of a man wearing a long, dark coat is said to haunt this 1800s building where shoes were made for the Society of Separatists of Zoar. Now a bed and breakfast, guests report hearing unexplained knocking on their doors and ghostly footsteps in the hallway.

Cowger House – The ghostly voice of a man named PJ can sometimes be heard in this bed and breakfast. He is believed to be a former owner of the house.

Ghostly Farm Field – Mysterious balls of light, some several feet in diameter, haunt this otherwise ordinary field near Zoar just east of Route 212. It is said if you get too close to them, they will chase you away.

The Inn of the River – A ghost by the name of George is said to haunt this inn, knocking objects from shelves and causing other mischief. It is believed that he died when his boat sank in the canal. The mysterious sound of Patsy Cline music can be heard even though there are no Patsy Cline records in the building.

Zoar Historic Village – Several ghosts have been reported in the historic village. One haunting is an old nursing home where the elderly were said to be abused by the matrons hired to care for them.

Zoar Hotel – Three ghosts are said to haunt the hotel of this historical village. Alexander Gunn, Mary Rouf, and an unknown woman are known to haunt the hotel. A ghostly party can sometimes be heard on the hotel’s top floor. The sounds of glasses clinking and people talking can be heard when no one else is there.

Zoar School Inn Bed & Breakfast – Objects mysteriously move and dog kibble is found in strange places. Some have reported hearing the sound of furniture moving upstairs when no one is on the second floor.

Zoar Tavern – This building was once home to the village’s first doctor. Many ghostly activities are known to occur in all parts of the tavern.