Henry County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Henry County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Deshler Station – Ghostly activity is common at this old restaurant/bar. Footsteps can be heard from the abandoned second floor and cold spots are often felt. Two ghostly men can sometimes be seen sitting at the bar after it has closed. The building was used as a hotel for nearly 75 years before being converted into a restaurant.


Patrick Henry High School – Students have reported being pushed from behind from time to time when no one was behind them. It usually occurs between classes. Others have reported hearing their names called, but either there is no one around or no one claims to have called. People using the restroom have reported hearing someone cranking the paper towel dispenser, tugging at toilet paper, or even flushing the toilet, but no one else in in the restroom. Some students have even claimed to see a friend, yet they disappear when approached. When asking their friend about it, claiming you saw them, they claim differently. (Credits: Jasmine Jordan)


Ghost Car – Witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly image of an antique car from the 1920s roaming the streets of Holgate late at night. The car has been spotted traveling along several streets before it mysteriously vanishes.

 Liberty Center 

8-C Shack – These ruins of an old farmhouse and pig barn are said to be haunted. Witnesses have reported suddenly feeling anxious and cold chills. A human-shaped shadow has been spotted running in the woods, around the shack and in the ruins. An evil presence can often be sensed. Some have reported having very disturbing dreams the week following their visit to the location. (Credits: Tyler)


Carrie’s Grave – Legend says a girl named Carrie was always picked on by other kids, who pulled mean pranks on her. One of those pranks went bad and Carrie was killed. She was buried at Olive Branch Cemetery northeast of town. After her death, kids would go to her grave and trash it, even breaking her tombstone. Frustrated, her parents built a cast iron fence around her grave to keep the hoodlums out, but they just climbed over the fence. It is said that Carrie came up from her grave one night and killed one of the kids, the fence post could be seen though the child. Legend says you can still hear Carrie scream every night around midnight. Her grave is very noticeable and can be seen from the road. There is a second legend about Carrie’s grave. it states that Carrie was the baby of a mother named Susan in the late 1700s or early 1800s. Carrie had gotten sick from a plague and Susan was forced to watch her daughter suffer and die. This caused Susan to be in a very uneasy mental state. The local physician diagnosed Susan as crazy and having witch-like traits and was told to seek help. Susan didn’t take the advice and went to the baby’s grave, dug her up, and acted as if Carrie were still alive. The fence that was built is a smaller version than the 6-foot iron fence that was built there in the early 1800s. When Susan and her husband died of unknown causes, they were buried in the fenced area with Carrie. When one walks around the fence of Carrie’s grave, there is a strange feeling like you’re being followed. On the date of Carrie’s death, you can see a white apparition, said to be Susan, from the road. Which of these stories, if either, is true? We’ll leave it for you to decide. (Credits: Holly Taylor and Anthony Coleman)

Crybaby Hill – A massacre of babies supposedly took place on or near this hill. Unreadable tombstones dot the hill and the cries of babies are often heard there at night. Unknown sounds of things crawling on the ground have also been heard at times. People visiting the location at night report seeing multiple dark figures, visible in the moonlight, running in the cornfield around the hill. Some have reported seeing small handprints on the back of their cars after returning from the hill.


Bernicke’s Grocery – Whenever it is quiet in the store, you can hear the beer cooler doors open and close, but the doors remain closed.

County Road M2 – It is said that if you go to County Road M2 near State Route 424 and park in between the wooded areas, handprints of children, and sometimes adults, will appear on your car. Some witnesses have seen dark figures walking down the road and people running back and forth across the street. Others have heard banging noises on their car before taking off.

Girty’s Island – Simon Girty was a man who was adopted by the Seneca. He sided with the British during the Revolutionary War and was present at the gruesome death of Colonel Crawford. His spirit is doomed to polish Mad Anthony Wayne’s cannons every night. Even though the cannons have long since been removed, Somon still appears there every night at the spot where the cannons used to be.

Scott House – Built in the mid-1800s by General Robert Scott, this house is home to much paranormal activity. General Scott’s apparition has been seen walking down the stairs, wearing a suit and top hat. There are footsteps in the hallway when no one is there and unexplainable cold spots appear. Infants have awoken in the middle of the night, giggling at a hazy figure hovering above their crib. People sleeping in the third floor bedrooms have reported being levitated during the night. The only two known ghosts of the house are General Scott and one of his female servants.


Turkeyfoot Creek Bridge – It is said that if you cross the bridge coming from Malinta at night, a ghostly Indian warrior can be seen riding a white stallion along the creek on the right side of the bridge. He protects $40,000 of gold that is supposedly buried along the south bank of the creek. Those who look for the treasure have reported being trampled by the spectral horse. (Credits: Jen Ernke)