Hamilton County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Hamilton County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Anderson Township 

New England Club – The New England Club was built on the site of a farmhouse where a depressed bride hanged herself after being left standing at the altar. Employees have reported seeing her roaming the halls and have heard faint cries.


Adath Israel Cemetery – This Jewish cemetery is said to be haunted, as is the caretaker’s home, especially the basement.

Anderson High School – This high school in Anderson is supposed to be haunted. Voices are heard by janitors at night and students’ belongings are moved to different classrooms after school hours.

Baltimore Avenue Home – A ghost-like figure has appeared in photos of a home in the 2300 block of Baltimore Avenue.

Buell Road – It is said that if you park your car on the straight section of the road, flash your headlights three times and then leave them off, a boy will come around the corner on a bicycle. If he reaches your car before you turn your lights back on, you will die shortly afterwards.

Buffalo Ridge – A spectral white van that follows people has been reported on Memorial Drive. There is said to be an old abandoned crematory somewhere on the ridge. Ghosts occupy the building and are known to cross the road. Cult sacrifices are also said to take place there. An abandoned house with junked cars and a dilapidated barn is said to be haunted. Mysterious lights are seen there as well as reports of seeing a witch looking out of the window.

Cincinnati Museum Center – In the early 1990s, the center was experiencing computer thefts, so a single security guard named Shirley was hired to catch the thieves. Shirley caught the thieves one night and was shot dead. Her body was later discovered in northern Kentucky. She is said to roam the halls of the Union Terminal. Many of the housekeepers will not walk alone after closing and the sounds of locking doors and footsteps can be heard when no one is around. A ghostly pilot is often seen in the museum’s World War II airplane. People crying or welcoming back soldiers can be heard on the tracks.

Cincinnati Museum of Art – Security guards have reported seeing a seven-foot tall specter that has no features rise up from a mummy sarcophagus exhibit and straight up through the ceiling. When guards would take catnaps in the storage room, they would wake to find a glowing face hovering inches away from them. The guards would try to evade the spirit, but it would block their way as they maneuvered around the room. Then it would simply disappear.

Cincinnati Music Center – The Music Hall is haunted by the supposed people buried in the pauper’s graves underneath it. It is said that the city’s first hospital, Commercial Hospital and Lunatic Hospital, once occupied the property but information relayed to the OES indicates this is not true. What is true, however, is the Music Hall was built on the old foundations of the 1844 Orphan Asylum. At night, security guards have heard strange noises and often witness dark, shadowy figures. During performances, mysterious people dressed in old-fashioned clothing are sometimes seen. Janitors have reported seeing people in the 1800s dress in the ballrooms and ghostly singing was heard by a group of women practicing.

Cincinnati Subway – Workers who died during the construction of Cincinnati’s defunct subway are said the haunt the tunnels. Strange noises have been reported by those who have entered the tunnels.

Cincinnati Zoo – The zoo is believed to be haunted by a lioness, the sound of soft feet following visitors. When visitors look back, nothing is there. It is said that if you speed up your pace, the footsteps will too. A pair of green eyes have appeared at the ends of certain hallways.

Coney Island – Moonlight Gardens is haunted by a ghostly man and woman who look out the windows of the music pavilion. Mysterious fogs settle over the park on clear nights and the ghosts of Indians can be heard chanting in the picnic area.

Cornell Place Apartments – Ghostly footsteps and voices are regularly reported here. the shadowy figure of a woman can sometimes be seen at the top of the staircase that leads into the attic apartment. She stands alone, almost watching the kitchen area from the stairs.

Country Hearth Hotel – Room 331 is plagued by cold spots and ghostly activity. The room gets icy cold at night, even when the heat is on full blast. Curtains open and close on their own and loud pounding noises are heard on the outside wall. Personal items are moved about the room for one place to another. Room 431 above it also has some effects from the haunting.

Dale Park Cemetery and Middle School – The cemetery is said to be haunted by a ghost named Sarah, who appears in a white flowing robe late at night. She has also been seen in the attic of the middle school next door.

Delhi Park – Two men were said to have died in a lake that is now part of the park. The apparitions of the men are seen near the swings and slides. They are usually seen after midnight and will follow you until you reach the exit of the park.

Eden Park – The apparition of a woman wearing a black silk dress has been seen standing by the gazebo near the park’s lake. She is believed to be Imogene, the wife of famous Cincinnati bootlegger George Remus. He is said to have killed her when she filed for divorce.

Habits Cafe – the basement of this cafe is said to be haunted by a police officer who was killed there years ago when the cafe used to be a pub. The officer was responding to a call of a person intoxicated who had already been thrown out of the pub. Upon the officer’s arrival, the drunk had a shotgun at hand and struck the officer, killing him. The assailant was arrested.

King’s Island Theme Park – Located in Warren County.

Lick Road – The ghost of a woman named Amy, who was murdered by her boyfriend, is said to haunt this road. Legend says if you flick your headlights at a sign as you turn onto Lick Road, you can supposedly see “Amy” on the sign. At the end of the road is another sign that also says “Amy.” It is said that if you park your car at the end of the road, you can hear her screams. Others have even reported their windows fogging up and the word “HELP” being written in the condensation. One report that we’ve received tells that their voices echoed inside of their car and the windows would not roll up. If you get out of the car and head down the path into the woods, you’ll eventually come to a bridge. This is where Amy was supposedly killed. Mysterious footsteps can be heard in the woods following you and some have seen a girl dressed in all white walking the grounds. Related: OES Visit, Contribution (Credits: Allison)

Maud Hughes Road – Located in Butler County.

Mother of Mercy High School – This high school constructed in the 1920s is home to a ghost named Sister Mary Carlos. She is known to haunt the school’s auditorium named in her honor. Flickering lights and things mysteriously being moved are reported. Most of the strange activity tends to occur during performances. It is now tradition for the drama teacher to ask permission to use the theater and invite her before each show. Otherwise something will always go wrong.

Mount Notre Dame High School – The third floor of the school is haunted by a student girl who killed herself in the 1940s. She has been known to open all of the lockers on the third floor and turns on every light on the floor after the building has been locked up for the night.

Oak Hills High School – A short woman is said to haunt the auditorium at this school. She turns off lights, shuts doors, and appears on the catwalks above the stage. She is often seen in the rear of the auditorium and wandering around the stage.

Old Western Wood Mall – During the mall’s renovation in 1998-99, a security guard reported that as he passed through a doorway where fitting rooms used to be, the air temperature dropped about 20 degrees and he felt a definite presence. He reported this to his supervisor who said the same thing had happened to her. The security guard supposedly contacted the presence in a sub-basement level and learned his name was Charlie. The ghost is said to have accompanied the guard on his rounds for the rest of the guard’s employment.

Omni Netherland Plaza Hotel – This nationally-known hotel is haunted by the Woman in Green. She is usually seen in the old chapel, in the lobby and on the overlook. She was supposed to be married in the chapel, but her fiancée was killed during the hotel’s construction.

Rapid Run Middle School – The school is haunted by a man who died in the auditorium after falling from a ladder during the building’s construction. The lights turn off by themselves and chairs go missing during performances. At least one witness has seen the lights mysteriously turn off and the teacher taking the blame, even though the teacher was nowhere near the switch. Some reports indicate that the man actually died in Room 203 when it was being used as a worker’s breakroom at the time of his death. There’s a memorial block in the wall of the room, but every teacher who has used the room has covered it. (Credits: Ifer)

Rapid Run Park – The old swing area is haunted by a young boy whose ghost has been seen swinging on the middle swing. He has been seen by multiple witnesses at the same time. The park’s shelter and upper ball fields said to be haunted by spirits of both children and adults, but no one knows why. Related: Contribution

Satan’s Hollow – Located in Blue Ash, a suburb of Cincinnati, Satan’s Hollow is an old sewer system that used to house the infamous “altar room” in a mysteriously dry tunnel. A group of Satanists are said to have made animal sacrifices there and opened a door to hell. Female screams can be heard at night and there have been many sightings of various apparitions ranging from floating skulls to demons to an entity known as the shadow man at the tunnel.

Shadow Hill Apartment – Bad luck seems to dwell over the apartments, mostly in the rear of the complex. In one building, a man committed suicide after locking himself in his apartment. The apartment supposedly remains vacant today. A double homicide took place at the apartment complex in 1981 and a newly-wed couple were killed in a fire caused by careless smoking in 1996. Shadow people have been seen by residents while others have experienced strange dreams. Some believe that rituals performed at the complex brought demons into this world that were not properly returned. It is also believed that the complex was built atop an Indian burial ground.

Spring Grove Cemetery – Ohio’s largest cemetery is reportedly haunted. The bronze bust of a man at lot 100 in the cemetery is said to contain his real eyes. The bust turns and looks at passersby. A groundskeeper once reported seeing hands reaching up out of the ground while mowing grass in the cemetery. Two ghostly white dogs are said to haunt the area around the Mitchell memorial near the front of the cemetery. Anyone who is not respectful while visiting the cemetery is said to have a streak of bad luck.

St. Xavier High School – The ghost of a former janitor who hanged himself in a men’s restroom stall is said to haunt the school. He is sometimes seen in the hallways and in the men’s restrooms throughout the school.

Taft Museum – The house was built in the 1820s and was later purchased by President William Howard Taft’s half brother Phelps Taft and his wife Annie. They converted the place into a museum and donated it to the city in 1932. Many ghosts are said to haunt the place, including Annie, who is seen wearing a long pink gown. Annie’s father, who died in the house, is said to haunt the place as well. Other ghosts walk around at night and whisper people’s names. Merchandise regularly falls off the shelves in the gift shop and guests are sometimes tapped on the shoulder. Ghostly cries of a baby can be heard by both visitors and employees on a regular basis. One ghost is known to lock doors by propping a chair under the doorknob, especially after things are rearranged the night before.

Taft Theater – Late at night, high in the second balcony, the smell of cigars and the ghostly image of a man wearing a top hat have been witnessed. It is believed the man died in the 1800s and had always loved the theater.

Taylor High School – A janitor was once working on a ladder in a small room between the science rooms when he suddenly suffered a heart attack, falling from the ladder. A secretary found his body the following morning. Now sometimes during class, doors open and close with no one nearby. Janitors working overnight have found doors all being opened at perfect 90º angles. When the school’s pool was installed, a student found his way there without paying attention to where he was going. He tripped and fell into the pool, drowning. Toilets flush by themselves in the boys locker room and splashing can be heard coming from the pool, even when it is not filled.

Texas Roadhouse – Witnesses have seen the apparition of a man dressed in a cowboy uniform pacing about the restaurant after hours. He is said to be looking for his lost love and the arm he lost in a fierce cattle drive.

Twentieth Century Theater – The ghost of an old projectionist is said to haunt the theater after he dropped dead in the booth. Strange noises and other problems are often blamed on the ghost. The theater opened in 1941 and showed movies through 1983.

Walton Creek Theater – Supposedly built atop an Indian burial ground, this former school is home to spirits who don’t like to be disturbed. Employees have reported hearing whispering in their ears, telling them to get out. Strong presences are felt in the basement and Indians are sometimes spotted at various locations inside the building.

Western Hill Country Club – The apparition of a man has been seen setting tables in the club after hours. (Credits: Chad)

Western Hills High School – The adjoining doors from the boys and girls locker rooms open to the now-empty swimming pool. It is said that a foreign exchange student decided to skip gym class one day to take a dip. He opened the door to the darkened pool area. He heard a noise that frightened him. He started to run and stumbled into the swimming pool. A nearby custodian heard the boy’s screams, opened the door, and flipped on the lights to find the boy being pushed into the pool by something unseen. To this day at 1:24PM, one can still hear the boy’s screams and splashing from the empty pool.

Westwood Town Hall – The hall is haunted by the ghost of a former security guard who hanged himself in the building after he was fired. Known as Willy, several people have reported stage sets, costumes and orderly things found in disarray that were used in performance.


Bridgetown Road – A tall young man with light hair wearing blue jeans, high-top white gym shoes and a 1960s-style Three Rivers Junior High jacket has been spotted at the intersection of Bridgetown and Zion Roads. He is often seen walking down the road toward Miami Heights and simply vanishes in the rearview mirror after passing him. Related: Contribution

Buffalo Ridge – A mysterious small tan-colored dog and glowing eyes are often seen at the top of the ridge, near the Mitchell Memorial. It is always seen in the same place, eating grass at the edge of the woods. Occult groups would practice witchcraft rituals, sacrificing both animals and humans when the ridge had no roads or homes. The wooded areas were used as a burning place for the sacrificial offerings. The only thing remaining of the sacrificial article left in the woods is a concrete table about 200 yards from the road. The spirits of the witches still haunt the road. Yet another legend of the road tells of a school bus crash one foggy morning, killing some of the children. It is said the road is haunted by those who died in the crash and if you drive through in foggy weather, little handprints will appear on your windows. (Credits: Justin Bresnen and Tiffany Rinck)


Shady Circle Apartments – This apartment complex is thought to be haunted by an apartment manager who committed suicide there. Residents have reported hearing glass breaking in their kitchens, footsteps when no one else is around, and coming home to find their TV on and tuned to a Christian station. Some residents have even reported shadowy figures darting around and toilets that flush themselves.

 Delhi Township 

Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse – The present location of the College of Mount St. Joseph dates from the 1960s. The original location of the then women only facility is west on Delhi Pike, to the cluster of buildings known as the Motherhouse. This location is private and now serves as a retirement center for the Sisters of Charity. Next to the beautiful old buildings is the cemetery for these celibate sisters. A history of fire in the building is, of course, accompanied by stories of nuns who linger yet in this mortal world. But the truly interesting cemetery is down a gravel path, past the sisters’ graves. Follow this little-used trail and you will encounter an even older family plot off to your left. The cemetery is centered around one large monument bearing the family name. This land belonged to a farmer before the Sisters of Charity purchased it. During the years preceding the Civil War, the farmer used the vantage point to guide escaping slaves across the Ohio River below and up to the safety of his home. One of the older nuns herself told the story. This abolitionist would hang a lantern of green tinted glass and sit playing fiddle music when the coast was clear. No light and no music meant the journey wasn’t safe. It is in that family cemetery that at night, you may see that green lantern and hear the eerie fiddle music. (Credits: Karen)

 Green Township 

Bridgetown Middle School – A ghostly little girl has been seen walking around the girls locker room in the school. Students have seen her walk right through lockers. Items mysteriously disappear from book bags that are left in the locker room when no one else had been there. Classroom doors have been known to slam shut by an unknown force. A dark, shadow-like figure has been seen in the basement girls restroom. (Credits: Casey)


Green Castle – There is a big green house in Harrison that sits in the middle of a subdivision called the “Meadows” that is said to be haunted. Lights come from the windows and silhouettes are seen through the blinds when no one is living there. Now occupied, the castle stood empty for many years because of the many strange occurrences there. The adjacent carriage house is also said to be haunted.

 Mount Healthy 

Ghost Train – The ghostly sounds of a train whistle can be heard while walking through the alleys at night. (Credits: Amy Russo)

Grace Hunt School – Built in 1911, the school is haunted by a ghost who writes messages on the chalkboard and makes lights flicker. The building has served several purposes since it was closed in the 1980s, including a stint as a church, and is currently home to a charter school.

Mount Healthy Park and Museum – The park and museum are supposed to be haunted by at least one ghost, although we do not know the specifics.

 Mount Washington 

Salem Road Cemetery – Multiple ghosts are said to roam this Civil War-era African American cemetery.

 North Bend 

Mount Saint Joseph Cemetery – Located on Fiddler’s Green Road, this cemetery is said to be haunted by Tecumseh’s brother, Tenskwatawa “The Prophet.” As legend goes, there was a fiddler who traded his soul to the devil in exchange for his extraordinary fiddling ability. When his time was up, he went up to the cemetery playing a song so passionate, yet mournful, that it raised Tenskwatawa from his grave. The fiddler disappeared and Tenskwatawa was left to roam the cemetery for eternity.


Norwood Middle School – The ghostly figure of a murder victim has been seen in the hallway, even calling out some students’ names. A separate figure has been seen in the balcony of the auditorium, clapping after performances. Related: Contribution


Sedamsville Rectory – Shadow people have been spotted in this 130 year-old building. Things move unassisted, voices and growls are heard and people have been scratched by something unseen. Illegal dog fights took place in the building after it had been abandoned by the church. Some volunteers working to renovate the property quit because of the paranormal activity taking place there. (Credits: Deb)

Sedamsville Woods – The ghost of an old man wielding an axe is said to haunt the woods near the intersection of Fairbanks and Delhi Avenues in Sedamsville. It is said that in an old house in the woods, the old man kidnapped and molested children, cutting the mup with his ax and scattering the body parts throughout the woods. The house is still there today and it is said that if you go into the woods at night, you can hear the screams of the old man’s victims and his ghost will chase you from the woods. (Credits: Donnie)