Warren County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Warren County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Carlisle Park Apartments – In the woods directly across from these apartments is a dead tree known as “The Demon Tree.” Even though the tree is dead, it appears to grow taller and stronger. Witnesses have reported hearing unearthly voices and being chased from the area by an unknown being.

 Kings Island Amusement & Water Park 

The Beast – There is a ghost known as “The Beast” who haunts the roller coaster of the same name. Many guests have witnessed the ghost and employees will not go in the area alone at night.

Girl In Blue – The spirit of a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes wearing a blue dress is said to haunt the park. She is most often seen near Boomerang Bay and startles employees by playing hide-and-seek with them after the park closes. Many believe she is buried in the cemetery located on the north side of the parking lot.

Eiffel Tower – The ghost of a young man who fell to his death in 1983 while trying to climb the Eiffel Tower haunts the observation deck.

The Octopus – This ride is said to be haunted by a patron who supposedly died while on the ride.

The Scrambler – The Scrambler is reportedly haunted by an employee who died while servicing the ride.

 Kings Mills 

King’s Island – Multiple hauntings are reported here. See Kings Island above.

Peters Cartridge Company – Built in the 1860s, hundreds of accidents and even some deaths occurred at the factory during its use as a munitions plant. Footsteps can be heard crossing the upper floors and roof at night when no one else is there. Elevator cables sometimes shake for no apparent reason. An occasional apparition is seen in the upper windows by motorists or bikers on the Little Miami Trail. Occult activity is also said to occur within the building.


Glendower State Memorial – A roaring fire can be heard coming from the fireplace when no fire is lit. Sounds of a party are often heard while approaching the entrance, but when you open the door, no one is there.

Golden Lamb – This nearly 200-year-old brick building was constructed in 1815. Many famous people of the day passed through its doors including Lord Stanley, Charles Dickens, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Mark Twain. The most well-known ghost of the inn is that of a little girl named Sarah. She is believed to be the niece of Isaac Stubbs, who managed the inn. If the ghost is hers, she lived to a very old age, so it is unknown why she would appear in the form of a child. The ghost may in fact be a girl named Eliza Clay who died at the inn in 1825 from a fever. In a room known as “Sarah’s Room,” photos constantly fall off the walls and mysterious noises are heard. An Ohio Supreme Justice named Charles Sherman is also said to haunt the inn. He died there in 1829 and is usually seen smoking a cigar in the hallways.

Mary Haven’s Boys Group Home – Also known as Orphan’s Asylum or Children’s Home, this building was constructed in 1879 atop a hill. Small ghostly children have been seen looking out into the yard and driveway from the third floor and attic windows. Numerous apparitions of children and adults have been seen in the recreation room, on the stairways, and in some of the bedrooms. A boy who hanged himself in the old barn is also said to haunt the building.


Chokolate Morel – A woman by the name of Rebecca McClung was murdered in the building by her husband John McClung on April 12, 1901. John hit Rebecca in the face with a piece of wood that he obtained from the nearby fireplace. The bloodstains remained on the floor for years and was only recently cleaned. Her ghost has been seen walking around the upper floors. The building is now used as a restaurant. Employees have reported dinnerware flying off shelves, objects mysteriously moving, lights turning off by themselves, and the sound of chanting.


Darken Trailer Park – Residents of the trailer park have been awakened in the middle of the night by a woman’s voice yelling for Mary. At least one resident has witnessed black shadowy figures and was grabbed by one and held down. (Credits: Terry Lewis)

Spook Hollow – Spook Hollow is where the road makes a sharp 90° curve followed by a narrow bridge. Years ago a group of high school students were killed there when their car plunged over the bridge and into the icy cold water below. One of the girls was decapitated, but her head was never found. Legend says if you stop on the bridge at midnight, you’ll see her head. Some claim that the severed head will drop onto your vehicle while you cross the bridge.


Salem Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be the site of numerous ghost sightings and even more strange presences are heard and felt there.


Angel of the Garden Tea Room – The ghost with a mournful face often appears through an upstairs window. Human bones were found upstairs in the 1950s and may belong to the ghost.

Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village – The Levi Lukens House, built in 1807, is haunted by the ghost of “Uncle Bob,” who was killed in an automobile accident in the 1940s. The home is the only building in the village original to the site.

Hamel House – Reports of apparitions and poltergeist-like activity are common here.

Quaker Meeting House – Mysterious sounds of a kitchen are heard when the building does not have a kitchen. Eerie organ music is sometimes heard. A woman dressed like an old-fashioned school teacher is sometimes seen carrying a candle by a window late at night.

Stetson House – John Stetson’s sister, Louisa, lived in the home until she died from tuberculosis in 1879. Mirrors will not stay on the walls and the smell of gingerbread fills the air, even though there is no longer a kitchen. A dark-haired woman, believed to be either Louisa or a school teacher named Lila Benham, can sometimes be seen in the house. Related: Contribution

Waynesville Area Culture and Heritage Center – The ghost of a former female school teacher is said to walk down the stairs of this old building.

Waynesville Firehouse – The old man who donated the land for the firehouse is said to regularly walk the grounds, even though he died in 1982.