Stetson House – Contribution

05/06/2006: Thanks to Jonathan Maxwell for submitting his very strange photo taken at the Stetson House in Warren County. Jonathan took the photo while out celebrating his mother’s birthday, but the ghostly image he captured remained unnoticed until 2005 after he began to sort through photos. The figure appearing in the upstairs window seems to be that of a woman sitting at a small table with her arms resting on the table and her head slightly tilted. Read Jonathan’s accompanying dialogue and take a look at the photo below. Please feel free to email Jonathan your thoughts or comments about his photo at .

I distinctly remember this fall weekend of 2001. We were out celebrating my mother’s birthday on the Saturday immediately following 9/11. Being the casual photographer I am, I brought my camera to take pictures all around historic Waynesville. I snapped a shot of the Stetson House as we were going in to shop at the Cranberry Bog, the business’s name today. This picture was really of little importance to me, sitting in my archived photos until 2005, when I started sorting. There were only three people in the picture when I took it – my mother, grandmother, and father, in that order, walking into the shop. Indeed, they are there, but there is some other figure too. There is a ghostly figure looking down on me from the top window. Ever since I started reading the Haunted Ohio series and since I took Waynesville’s haunted tour, I am convinced Louisa Stetson made an appearance for my picture!