Bridgetown Road – Contribution

03/21/2009: Thanks to an anonymous contributor for sharing this story of his experience while driving home one night on Bridgetown Road in Hamilton County. The contributor witnessed a young man step across the road and seemingly disappear. His daughter did not see anything.

I was returning from getting gas at a Miami Heights UDF store after picking my daughter up at a late drama rehearsal at TRMS, approximately 11:15 PM on March 20, 2009. As we were driving down Bridgetown towards Cleves, at Zion Road, a tall young man stepped from the shadows, walking up Bridgetown in the opposite direction toward Miami Heights. He startled me as I drove past Zion Road, which he was starting to cross. The young man had light hair, was tall, wore blue jeans and high-top white gym shoes, but what caught my attention was the Three Rivers Junior High jacket he was wearing. I had one back in the late 60’s and I know they don’t have them like that anymore.

I let out a “Whoa!” as I swerved, and he glanced at us then looked straight ahead again. My daughter looked up from the video game she was playing to see why I swerved. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the young man crossing in the middle of Zion, looked back at where I was driving, but when I glanced back in the rearview, he was not there. My daughter asked me why I swerved and said whoa, and I asked her, “Didn’t you see that kid crossing Zion?” She said she had looked when I swerved as to why I did it, looked to the side view mirror and had finally turned around completely in the car seat to look. She told me that she saw absolutely nothing and was wondering why I had said whoa and turned away from the car path.

His face wasn’t clear, but the rest of him was as clear as you could get.