Norwood Middle School – Contribution

01/17/2008: Thanks to Amanda Blakeman for submitting her personal paranormal experiences at Norwood Middle School in Hamilton County. From objects disappearing and reappearing in the auditorium to stepping back in time to the early 1900s to seeing a faceless girl in the Field House, there is definitely something odd going on at Norwood Middle School.

I wanted to share with you all my experiences with Norwood Middle School. Norwood is my alma mater and I have had several experiences with the middle school’s auditorium, hallway outside the auditorium as well as the Field House. I was in all the musicals there from 1992-1998, and on one particular night I did see a dark apparition running down the aisle in the auditorium. We kids always knew the auditorium was haunted, partially because a lot of set pieces, costumes, etc. would be “lost” and then miraculously end up somewhere else without rhyme or reason. As well as the auditorium, my friend Heather and I had an interesting experience in the hallway outside the auditorium in 1993, the beginning of our 8th grade year.

We were both in charge of reading the announcements for the school, and one evening it was parent/teacher conferences. We were in the office telling parents where they should be going, doing, what teacher was where, etc. When we left the office, (this sounds nuts, but forewarned) the entire hallways was that of early 1900s. NO KIDDING. It was as if we were looking into the past, and Heather and I were the only ones out of place. There were no ghosts or entities, but the hallway (both ends) was back in time. It was really creepy. We went back into the office, came back out, and it was 1993 again. Honest.

And for the last story, it was during play practice one evening and the boys and girls in the gym is directly underneath the auditorium. In fact, that’s how you get from one end of the stage to the other, go underneath. The hallway also leads to the Field House (a.k.a. the big gym). I went up there (and I can’t recall if I was alone or not I should think not, I’d be too freaked out) and I saw a girl jogging at the top of the Field House. She looked like she was out of the 1930s or 40s by the hairstyle and the gym suit. And she didn’t have a face. Needless to say, (and now that I come to think of it, I think my friend Shelley was there with me) we booked it out of there. NEVER again would I go to the Field House.