Lick Road – Contribution

07/20/2004: Thank you to Melissa for sending in the first story from Lick Road, near Cincinnati. Melissa tells about the sighting of a blue orb that she and her friend saw there one night in July of 2004. It is interesting that nothing appeared on their video, only audio prevailed. Check out photos and more information from our trip to Lick Road by clicking here.

A group of friends and I went down to Lick Road tonight because we were bored and had heard all of the legends about it. A few minutes after we turned off the car, a blue orb began to circle around the car. As it began to re-approach the driver’s side we peeled out of the dead end. It was VERY scary, I still can’t believe we saw it happen. We brought a video camera and although only the audio remains, it still creeps me out.

08/29/2003: This very short first-hand account came to us from an anonymous contributor. It tells of three people who went to investigate the hauntings and heard an odd echoing.

Last week, me and three friends went to Lick Road. Just before the final bend in the road, we stopped and rolled the windows down. We were just past the farmhouse and our voices started echoing inside the car. The windows would not roll up…for no apparent reason.

04/04/2004: The next encounter comes to us from another anonymous contributor who refers to the haunting on Lick Road as Amy Land. The contributor and company were chased by a truck and had a strange man pounding on their windows.

Me and some friends rode down to Amy Land, and before you get there on the same street is a little place called Midget Land. We rode down there honking the horn because it is said that midgets will chase you, but midget land was torn down, so my friend that was driving drove by the bridge and turned off all the lights. The windows suddenly got foggy. He wasn’t going to leave, but my cousin noticed that someone wrote “Amy” on the side of the window. So he turned on the lights and we started to leave, but once we got to the top of the hill, a car was following us, flashing its lights. We rode all back streets, but this car kept following us. We got to Pippin at the light and the light turned red. The man that was driving the truck got out and came to my friend’s window and tried to open the door. When he could not, he banged on the window, telling my friend to roll down the window. The light turned green and my friend drove off. We cut through all back streets and lost him.

03/08/2005: This very detailed story comes to us from Rodney Lintner. He and his friends decided to check out the legend of Lick Road one night and had an experience that they’ll never forget! Amy’s ghost may have actually talked to them!

On Sunday, March 6, 2005, several of my friends and I decided to head out to a local road, said to be haunted by a woman named Amy. Supposedly, she was killed by her boyfriend and dumped at the end of this road, but as with all ghost stories, I feel this one has been contorted over time. Legend has it that if you park your car at the end of this road and face the woods in the direction her body was found that she will actually appear and write “Help” in the condensation on your windshield.

We turned off of West Kemper and onto Lick Road and anxiously began our excursion. The road is fairly long, and is adjacent to many farm houses. The road gets more and more narrow as you progress and eventually dead ends into a gravel cul-de-sac. When we reached the dead end (no pun intended) we faced the woods, turned off the car, and waited. There were six of us in one car and it fogged up rather quickly. We sat there silently for some time, throwing out an occasional “Did you see that?!” or “What the f–k was that,” to try to scare one another. After about thirty minutes of seeing and hearing nothing, we decided to try to talk to “Amy.” We expressed our interest and told her that we were there to help her if at all possible. I asked if she could give us a sigh, something more than a feeling. I asked her for a sight or sound. Shortly after “talking” to her, the wind began to howl, and we heard what sounded like footsteps in the gravel just outside of the car. WIth the windows being so foggy, we couldn’t see out of the car, needless to say we didn’t really want to either — we were all getting pretty freaked out.

After about two to three minutes of us huddling in fear, the noises stopped and we thought we could breathe freely. We were wrong. Our chests began to tighten, and we didn’t know if it was due to the fact that we had six people in a tiny sealed off car or because there was an ominous and foreboding presence leaching our breath. I proposed that half of us get out of the car and the other half stay in and we’d see what happened from there. I was with 3 girls and 2 guys…needless to say both of the guys pussed out, and all 3 girls stepped outside with me. It was an eerie night outside — overcast and chilly. I had to use the restroom for some time and I figured what better time to take advantage of the many trees surrounding me than now. Out of reverence for Amy and respect for the girls, I wandered some fifty feet behind the car and behind the girls. No sooner than I unzipped my pants, I hear a girl’s voice…clear as crystal…saying, “I’ve had enough!” Scared half sh*tless I turned around, manhood still hanging out of my pants, and saw all of the girls standing there staring at one another with their mouth’s agape. I immediately knew that they too had heard it. They jumped back in the car, I quickly followed, silently apologizing to Amy, and we sped out of there like a bat out of hell, not wanting to offend her further.

This happened only two days ago, and it has been on my mind constantly. I almost went back last night, as something has been beckoning me to return. I’ve always been fascinated with the paranormal, and this experience has only made that fascination stronger. I lose sleep at night wondering just what Amy had had enough of. Has she had enough of teenagers driving to the spot of her death and disturbing her every night? Has she had enough of hearing the jokes of the living? I don’t know what she’s had enough of, and quite frankly I don’t know that I ever will. I feel like I have to go back to Lick Road, but at the same time, I don’t want to disturb Amy from her rest.

03/10/2007: This story was submitted to the OES in March 2007 by an anonymous person who experienced an intense sense of fright and doom while driving to Lick Road.

My two friends had just told me the story of Lick Road and about Amy and how horrible her death was. As they told me the story, I was immediately drawn to her and the road. So we started to go there. We reached Kemper Road (I’m pretty sure that’s the right street) and i just had this heavy feeling in my chest. I have been to haunted places where this has happened, but not this intense. There was this tick, frightening feeling in the iar. I started crying. I had this feeling something really really bad was going to happen. We hadn’t even reached Lick yet! My one friend (who has a family history of psychics and mediums in her family) immediately started to tell our other friend (the driver) to “Turn away, we can’t do this, something bad is going to happen, not tonight.”

At this point we were nearly there and the emotional pain was almost unbearable. Me, being a strong Christian, started praying. I continued to pray over and over again – but I could feel a presence on the right side of the moving car – I didn’t see it, but I felt it. Now we were all crying and shaking, all of us felt this. It was almost traumatic. Well, to make a longer story short, after we finally found a place to turn around (not even thinking about turning onto Lick) we had to pass the beginning of Kemper a couple of times on account of not knowing which way to turn. Every time we passed it there, I would start to feel that emotional pain again. The further we drove away from the site eventually the better we felt. It took a long time for my friend whose family are psychics a long time to get over it. I’m not quite sure what happened that night, but I do know that whatever happened there was a horrible, horrible thing and we should all leave poor Amy alone.

06/22/2008: Thanks to Miranda for submitting her story about Lick Road. She and a cousin witnessed a shadowy figure on her first visit to the bridge and several witnesses saw a “person” leaning on her uncle’s car who vanished on their second visit to Lick Road.

The story that I have been told about Lick Road over a thousand times is that you can hear her moaning, and the word HELP is written in the condensation that “appears” on your windows. First of all, the condensation appears on your windows because of the low area, so close to the ravine. But, that doesn’t mean I am skeptical of the legend. Far from it actually. I have recently been down there twice. The first time my uncle, two cousins and I drove down and parked and decided to walk the trail. We walked all the way down the path, cousins clinging to my sleeves. As we got to the bridge, my uncle had the flashlight on the bridge for a second. I saw a shadow. But I wasn’t sure. My uncle moved the light away for a moment. As I was about to grab the flashlight out of my uncle’s hand, one of my cousins shouted, “Turn the flashlight back dad!” My first thought was, “Good, I wasn’t the only person to see it.” As he did, at the same time, without rehearsal, we both said simultaneously, “It’s gone.” We both saw a black figure standing on the bridge. As if she was waiting for us.

The second time we went down there, it was my uncle, one of my cousins (the other cousin was too scared to come because of the last time), my best friend, and my dad. This time we all walked on the bridge and passed it. We quickly realized how far up the bridge was from the waters below. We didn’t see or hear anything so we decided to go back. But, I could still feel that ominous feeling of someone watching us. But as we reached the car, we all saw a person leaning against my uncle’s car. We all thought we were in trouble as we thought it was a police officer telling us that this was a restricted area. But as soon as we all freaked out, the “person” we all saw was gone. Until we were long gone from Lick Road, I had an ominous feeling as if something weren’t right. I can say that I am really amazed at the occurrences that happened to us both times.

05/24/2010: Thanks to Wayne Beckham for submitting his experience at Lick Road. While investigating the area in 2006, their car doors mysteriously locked by themselves and a friend’s back was scratched. On return trips, he witnessed a white form and recorded the sound of a girl screaming on an audio recorder.

On June 15, 2006, my ex-girlfriend, myself, and about four others went to Lick Road because of what we heard. Although we searched the grounds extensively, we did not see anything until it got dark. We decided to go on the bridge and one of our friends decided to yell, “Amy, I have your baby!” He had heard that she was pregnant when she died and that if a guy yells that, she “attacks.” About thirty seconds later, I hear a loud roar as if a furious female was in my ear. I jumped to the other side of the bridge, taking three others with me as we ran down the path to the car. Something slammed into the gate leading into the area, now designated a county park. We then got into the car, which did not have electric locks but suddenly, as I was about to get out to help our friend who fell, the doors locked and would not unlock. He ended up being scratched about that time, and we know it was then because he screamed in pain as four scratches came down his back (he lifted his shirt and asked me what I saw, and I watched them form). We took off and ended it that way. I have gone down three other times and had sounds (girl screaming on a digital voice recorder that we did not hear when we were out there the very next day), and a white form come toward us. It was freaky and I hope to try again soon.

07/29/2012: Thanks to Billy Gallo for sending in his odd experience at Lick Road. Billy and his friends walked into an abnormally dark area of the woods where the bugs were unnaturally loud. They heard a thumping sound on the way back to their car and briefly saw a light coming from the back of the car.

Me and two other friends went down the path at the end of Lick Road, past the bridge and decently far into the woods. Nothing super out of the ordinary happened, but as we got deeper and deeper into the woods, the various insects grew louder and louder. We then reached a point where it almost looked like we were about to step into complete darkness. Being quite gung-ho still, we decided to press on. Soon after we stepped into the blanket of pure darkness the bugs started going insane, louder than anything natural. We got spooked at this point and decided to head back.

As we stepped back into the moonlit path I could almost feel the air thinning out, the bugs were at a reasonable volume, and I almost felt relaxed. Right as we passed the bridge we heard a voice. We all stopped in our tracks. We could tell somebody had said something, but we didn’t know what. Right after that there was this loud thumping noise, we ran as fast as we could back to the car and the thumping noise seemed to follow us. As we reached the end of the train, all of us saw some sort of light coming from the back of the car, and just as quickly as we saw it, it went away. We got into the car and drove away with hearts racing. It could have all been echoes from underneath the bridge, the light could’ve been some sort of reflection, or it could’ve been Amy. All I know is that you won’t see me at Lick Road anytime soon.