Lick Road

The OES visited Lick Road on October 25, 2003. Located just outside of Cincinnati, Lick Road is the home of mysterious legends. A ghost named Amy is said to haunt the end of the long, desolate road. There are many tales of how Amy had died, but the most popular is that she was murdered at either the cul-de-sac or at the nearby bridge by her boyfriend. There are multiple legends surrounding Amy’s death and her afterlife. Witnesses have reported hearing footsteps following them in the woods at the bridge where Amy was supposedly murdered. Others have even spotted a ghostly girl in all white walking the grounds. Another legend states that if one flicks their headlights at the sign as you turn onto Lick Road, you can see “Amy” written on the sign. We did not witness this phenomenon during our visit, however, we did see “Amy” written on the sign at the end of the road. It was run of the mill graffiti, not anything paranormal.

Some say when you’re parked at the cul-de-sac, you can hear a woman’s scream coming from the field. The most popular legend says Amy’s ghost will write the word “HELP” in the condensation on the window of your car while parked in the cul-de-sac. We also tested this claim during our visit to no avail. It was a rainy and foggy night when we were there but nothing unusual happened. Several vehicles came to the road’s end, most turning away when they spotted us standing in the field. Even though nothing paranormal occurred the night we visited Lick Road, there may be something to the legends. We have received numerous reports from first-hand witnesses about unexplainable events taking place on Lick Road. To read those first-hand accounts, click here.

Location Information: Public Roadway

Lick Road is just off West Kemper Road near Cincinnati; Hamilton County.