Knox County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Knox County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Knox County Poor House – Also known as the Knox County Infirmary and the House of Nightmares, the old structure built in 1875 was said to be haunted. Shallow unmarked graves were found surrounding the building in recent years as development took place in the area. When a bible college moved into the building in the 1950s, it was said that an elevator crashed, killing everyone inside. Clothing and signs of other rotting things were seen in the basement. There were multiple sightings of apparitions in and around the building. Cold spots drifted through the halls and mysterious voices could sometimes be heard. The building housed a staged haunted attraction from the 1990s until 2006. Sadly, the building caught fire in June 2015 and was demolished.


Berkshire Hospital – The Berkshire Hospital was built in 1848 by Robert Berkshire in the town of Brinkhaven to serve as an orphanage. Located on South Main Street, the building now sits abandoned. It is believed that spirits roam the halls of the building, periodically peering out from the windows. More than 600 people died in the area as a result of the 1913 flood and some are believed to be buried in the basement. One person who spent the night in the building witnessed a bloody message appear on a mirror that said, “GET OUT.” Ther mirror is now covered by a black sheet. The structure has not been used in more than a decade.

Canal Street Elementary – Just behind the Berkshire Hospital is the former site of the town’s first schoolhouse. The building no longer stands, but on cold nights, students still wait to begin class. Witnesses have heard the sounds of laughter and a school bell, have felt children run past them, and have seen footprints mysteriously appear in fresh snow. These occurrences only happen when there is snow on the ground. It is believed that these are the spirits of those who died in the flood.

 Kenyon College 

Campus Gates – Also known as the Middle Path and the Gates of Hell, these gates were built to separate the college from the seminary in the 1870s. The college’s president would personally guard the gates in the morning when carriages dropped off professors who lived in Mount Vernon. Today it is believed that if you tap the post twice, you will have a good day. If you ignore the post, you will be haunted by spirits from the past. Almost every student who passes through the gates will tap the post. Spiritualists tap three times as guidance through the other side of Kenyon. If one walks through the gates as the chapel’s bells toll, they will be cursed by the former president. The gates got the nickname Gates of Hell because some believe they were built on top of the gateway to hell.

Caples Hall – The ghost of a student who died in the elevator shaft is said to haunt the building, and is particularly fond of girls. He was in the hall to visit his girlfriend at the time of his death. She had reported feeling icy cold hands touch her and found her door blocked by a dresser on numerous occasions.

College Chapel – It is said that during the first week of October, one can hear mysterious music. Ghostly apparitions have been seen walking the path between the Cromwell Manor and the chapel during sunrise. One woman felt tugging on her hair as she was in the chapel and a male witness was wrestled to the floor as soon as he entered the basement. Throughout the year, the basement has heaviness in the air that makes it difficult to breathe and is believed to be caused by a former college president, who would stop anyone from entering the basement during services.

Delta Kappa Epsilon – In 1905, a pledging fraternity brother by the name of Stuart Pierson was killed by a train as he waited on the trestle that crossed the Kokosing River. His ghost is said to stare out of the window at the passing train every year on October 28. It seems as if his spirit is confined to the fourth floor, as he opens and closes windows there frequently. Footsteps can be heard coming from above, where there is no floor.

Dormitory – The nine students who were killed in a 1949 fire in the dormitory are said to haunt the new building, built on top of the fire site. Ghostly figures are seen floating down hallways, toilets flush by themselves, and lights turn on and off. Students living in the dorm have heard pounding noises and cries. Candles have been known to be found smoldering next to 1949 year books with pages opened to the nine victims’ names.

Hill Theater – the theater is haunted by a ghost who likes to open the curtains and unscrew light bulbs. The building is said to have been built on top of the site of a drunk driving accident.

Lewis Hall – The ghost of a student who hanged himself in the attic is said to flush toilets and turn lights on and off in Lewis Hall. Doorknobs rattle in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. (Credits: Ben)

Manning Hall – A student who died before attending class is said to haunt the building. Furniture rearranges itself quite frequently.

Norton Hall – The ghost of a suicide victim is said to roam the halls of this building.

Shaffer Hall – This building once contained a swimming pool where a student died after hitting his head on the glass ceiling. His ghost was known to speak to swimmers and splashes could be heard coming from the pool when no one was there. Now a dance studio, Shaffer Hall is still haunted by the sounds of a diving board and brief smells of chlorine. A face with slicked-back hair can sometimes be seen peering out of the windows.

Wertheimer Hall – Eerie music could be heard coming from the supply cage in the recreation center. A ghost could also be heard running around the track when no one was there. Wertheimer Hall was demolished to make way for the new Kenyon Athletic Center that opened in April 2006. It is unknown of the ghostly activity has carried over to the new building.


Sarah’s House – A proclaimed witch and devil worshiper named Sarah lived in the home with her husband. Her husband found Sarah to be cheating on him with another man, and in a rage of anger, he cut off her head and placed it in a jar. He buried Sarah’s body in a grave alongside the road. The husband later became remorseful of his despicable act and hanged himself in the living room. On moonlit nights, his body can still be seen hanging in the living room. Sarah’s headless ghost has been spotted along the road, looking for her head. The home where she lived is said to have a curse of death due to the rituals she had performed there.

 Mount Vernon 

Curtis Mansion – Also known as the Round Hill Mansion, the ghost of a child has occasionally been seen peering out from the windows. The mansion itself is said to have secret underground passages that connect it to the family vault of Henry B. Curtis, the builder of the manion. He was an abolitionist who used the vault to conceal slaves along the Underground Railroad. The family’s crypt is located in nearby Mound View Cemetery.

Loma Linda Plant – The former Loma Linda plant, now housing Habitat for Humanity and other small businesses, is reportedly haunted. Tenants have reported sudden equipment failure, computer hard drives being wiped, motion activated cameras activating at night and the sounds of people using the bathroom when no one is there. Some have reported being locked in rooms that have no locks and the feeling of being strangled or pushed. Video recordings have shown flashes of light, floating orbs and dark/glowing masses moving about. An EVP saying “Get out” was recorded and witnesses have heard a choir singing old church hymns.