December 2017 Update

Today we have added our photos, research, and first aerial drone video to the website. We visited the Whitehall Lustron Home in October 2017, which serves as the headquarters of the Whitehall Historical Society. Lustron homes were prefabricated enameled steel homes built from 1947 to 1950. The historical society acquired this home, dismantled it, and rebuilt it as their headquarters. The living room, dining room, and kitchen have been restored to how they would have appeared in the 1950s. The bathroom and bedrooms were removed to make space for the society’s displays and meeting area. Thank you to the Whitehall Historical Society for hosting us!

Moving into Fairfield County, we have added Weaver Cemetery to our Cemeteries section. Weaver Cemetery is located on private property in Liberty Township and contains the burials of some of the area’s earliest pioneers. The first known burial took place in 1813. Several more people were buried there until 1832 when the last known burial took place. The cemetery somewhat faded to memory for years. Genealogists noted few stones remained in the 1980s, and those that remained were badly worn. Today, a single memorial stone stands today to acknowledge those buried in the cemetery.

We have continued to make small tweaks and optimizations to the website behind the scenes. We added an aerial photo from our drone to the Hayden Mausoleum page and contributed historical photos to the Lockville Park page. 

Everyone have a happy holiday season and we’ll be back with another update after the New Year.