Old Xenia Road – September 2019

It has been quite a while since our last update! Rest assured, the OES is still around. While we’re working on getting some new content for the website, here’s our latest video to wet your appetite.

Two OES members set out for a drive Friday night…because what a better time for a random night drive than on Friday the 13th with a full moon! The circumstances happened to bring us to the reportedly haunted patch of woods along Old Xenia Road at Roberts Mill Road in Madison County. Legend says a pioneer family was massacred there either by Indians or bandits long ago. The family’s home, a barn and some outbuildings remain in the woods. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing figures running through the woods. Some have even seen a woman’s ghost wandering on the property while driving by late at night. Others have reported uneasy feelings near the woods.

Moments after turning on a flashlight to record video footage, the flashlight dimmed, began to blink, then turned off completely. All components of the flashlight were tightly fit and the battery was fully charged. This particular flashlight had never previously malfunctioned. After clicking the on/off button a couple times, the flashlight resumed operation and continued to work without a problem for the remainder of the night. Below is the video we shot at the edge of the woods.