Hayden Mausoleum

The OES visited Hayden Mausoleum on June 1, 2004. This magnificent mausoleum is located within Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus. It is the final resting place of Charles H. Hayden, the son of industrialist Peter Hayden, and most of his family. Charles died on August 23, 1920, so the mausoleum was probably built around that time. While speaking with a cemetery employee, we were told that Charles spent his children’s inheritance to build this grand mausoleum. The tombs filled up, and some of his children were left to be buried in the grounds of the cemetery. The mausoleum is said to be haunted, but we have no specifics on what activity takes place, nor have we experienced anything out of the ordinary while there. The exterior of the building looked great during our visit, but the interior was a different story. The roof was leaking, and the walls were crumbling. Cemetery officials told us they were in the process of repairing the roof and restoring the interior, but we aren’t sure if this ever came to fruition. The mausoleum is usually sealed off to the public, but on our June 1st visit, we were lucky enough to find the doors open. Below are some of the only photos of the Hayden Mausoleum’s interior on the Internet at the time they were published.

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Hayden Mausoleum is located in Green Lawn Cemetery at 1000 Greenlawn Avenue in Columbus; Franklin County.