Lockville Park

The OES visited Lockville Park on September 29, 2001. We noticed a large canal lock to our left and a covered bridge to our right as we pulled into the parking lot. As we began to walk around the park, we discovered the park contained two more locks. In total, there were seven locks in the town of Lockville, but only Locks 11, 12 and 13 are accessible via the park. Locks 14 through 17 are on private property. The Lockville locks are one of the state’s longest remaining series of intact locks. The locks here also seemed larger and much deeper than the locks we had previously visited in Lockbourne. Ohio’s canal systems once spanned more than 1,000 miles across the state and provided a mode of transportation where none had previously existed. The construction and opening of the canals attracted thousands of immigrants to the state for work. Only a few deep excavations, high earthen embankments and massive structures of stone remain today. Below are the three publicly accessible Ohio-Erie Canal locks in Lockville. Click Here to see Hartman Covered Bridge #2.

Location Information: Public Park

Lockville Park is located on Pickerington Road in Lockville; Fairfield County.



360° Panorama