Lockbourne Canal & Locks

The OES visited the Lockbourne Canal & Locks on October 15, 2000. These old locks that were part of the Ohio-Erie Canal are located along Canal Road in Lockbourne. In the early 1800s, canals were the premier way of transporting goods through Ohio. Construction of the Ohio-Erie Canal began in the 1820s and its path led it straight through the heart of Ohio. Lockbourne was founded around the time the canal was being built through Central Ohio. Many of the original residents of the small canal town worked on the canal and sandstone locks. During our visit to Lockbourne, it became apparent that the once thriving canal was little more than an overgrown ditch in this area. Locks 26 and 27 were very easy to spot just driving down Canal Road. Lock 26 seemed shallow and was completely dry. Lock 27 was the deeper of the two locks and had a small pool of water at the bottom. Lock 30 was in Lock Meadows Park off of Commerce Street in Lockbourne. Other locks in the area include Lock 29, also in Lockbourne, and Lock 22 in the nearby town of Groveport.

Location Information: Public Roadway

Ohio-Erie Canal Locks 26 and 27 are along Canal Road while Lock 30 is in Lock Meadows Park in Lockbourne; Franklin County.