Harmon Road Haunt – Contribution

12/24/2016: Thank you to the anonymous contributor for sending in this sighting along Harmon Road in Pickerington; Fairfield County. As the family was returning from a church event, three of the four present witnessed a man in a white hoodie walking alongside the road. The driver swerved to avoid hitting the person, but no one was there after they passed. If you have witnessed anything like this along Harmon Road, please email with your experience so we may share it with the original contributor.

Last night we were driving home from a church service. We were heading north on Harmon Road, Pickerington, Ohio around 9:30 PM. We were just past Harmon Middle School. My fiancé suddenly turned on his bright lights and swerved a little towards the opposite lane. My daughter’s fiancé in the back seat said, “Did you just think you saw someone walking alongside the road?” My fiancé said, “Yeah, what happened to him?” My daughter, who is 26 and as level-headed as the day is long said, “I thought I saw him too. It was a man walking alongside the road in a white hoodie, right?”

This is a very level stretch of road there, so there is not any deep ravine or ditch to duck into. None of the three believe in ghosts, but all three were looking over their shoulders trying to figure out where the person we just swerved to avoid had vanished to. Although I was in the car I did not see this happen, but their responses were very genuinely puzzled

We wrote back to the anonymous contributor and received this follow-up email the next day:

My family got together again tonight and they were still talking about it. It was really upsetting to them. [My fiancé] said he thought there was no way he could avoid hitting the person walking. My daughter’s fiancé is a defense attorney and he said it was going through his mind how he was going to represent [my fiancé] for hitting someone. They just kept saying, “How could that person be there and then have just disappeared?” Again, they absolutely do not believe in anything paranormal.