Ross County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Ross County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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 Black Run Valley 

Horseback Knob – There are many hauntings and legend in the Horseback Knob area. The ghost of a baby can sometimes be heard and seen. Pioneers traveling through the area buried their infant after it died. The baby’s single tombstone still stands in the middle of the woods. There is a legend about lost silver in the region as well. Apparently either Indians or French explorers buried a hoard of silver somewhere in the area. Virginian adventurers came across the silver and took it with them until the Shawnee turned against them. In their hastiness to get away, they hid the silver and planned to return for it once the threat was over. The silver was never recovered and has not been discovered. It is supposedly cursed and those who go after it are often dealt death and destruction. In the 1840s, a woman named Sallie Mae was gruesomely strangled. Her killer was never found. Her ghost is said to haunt the area, seeking revenge. A man jumped from the side of a cliff to his death in 1940. He proclaimed that he was going to sacrifice himself so the imminent Armageddon would not occur. Some have claimed to see him taking the plunge for the sake of the world.


Adena – Adena was the home of Governor Thomas Worthington, his wife Eleanor, and their ten children. The family is said to haunt the house, the Governor sitting in his chair, which often moves on its own.

Crosskeys Tavern – A ghost named Harold haunts the tavern. He throws drinks and puts out lights. Any unusual occurrences are usually blamed on him.

Elisabeth’s Grave – Also spelled Elizabeth’s Grave, Elisabeth is said to have hanged herself from a tree in the cemetery, but some say she was hanged from the tree by a group of men who were angry about her inheritance of a large portion of land. In any case, Elisabeth’s body was buried at the front of the cemetery, but her tombstone always moves to the rear of the cemetery. It is said that if you move the tombstone to its original location, it will move itself back to the place where she died in the rear of the cemetery. Related: OES Visit, Contribution

Grandview Cemetery – Shadowy figures have been seen strolling through the cemetery late at night. Strange mists have been captured and some have felt as if they are being watched. Related: Contribution

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park – More commonly known as Mound City, the site is said to be haunted by the mound builders who originally constructed the earthworks there. It is also supposed to be haunted by the soldiers from Camp Sherman, who leveled the mounds and later died from the Spanish Flu. Related: OES Visit

Huntington Hills – The hills of Huntington Township are said to be haunted. Many of the homes in the area are haunted, as well as a nearby church.

Majestic Theatre – The Majestic Theatre (also spelled Majestic Theater) was used as a morgue for the 100s of soldiers from nearby Camp Sherman who died during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Embalmers worked day and night on the stage, pumping the blood from the bodies into the adjacent alley, known to this day as Bloody Alley. Mysterious fogs drift around the building and screams have been heard. A man in a suit floats through the theater at stage level. Voices have been heard when no one else was around. A little girl has been seen running around in the dressing rooms before disappearing before the witness’s eyes. A dead body was even seen on stage once during a performance. Bloody Ally and the house next door to the theater, which has been demolished, are also said to be haunted. Related: OES Visit, OES Investigation

Old Western Cemetery – There was once a clicking tombstone at the cemetery. The cemetery is now gone and in its place is Westmoreland Place. We’re unsure if the tombstone was relocated.

Schrader Road Tunnel – According to legend, a woman placed her infant on the railroad tracks and it was run over and killed by a train. It is said if you drive through the tunnel at night with your lights off and windows down, you may hear the cries of the baby. Another version of the story states the mother and her newborn were walking on the tracks above the tunnel when a train came barreling toward them. The mother tossed her baby into the creek in an attempt to save its life, but both the mother and the baby were killed. It is reported that you can see the mother’s ghost and hear the baby crying at night. The ghost of a woman who was murdered supposedly haunts the tunnel as well. Her body was discovered inside a waterbed mattress on the banks of Lick Run Creek at the north end of the tunnel. Many people have reported seeing her in the area. Cold spots and weird feelings can be felt in the tunnel and several witnesses have reported seeing strange, glowing red balls of light. Related: OES Visit, Contribution

Scioto Trail State Park – The park is said to be haunted by the wife of a former ranger who lived on the property. It is said that he got drunk one night, only to return home and kill his wife. One version of the story states he simply pushed her into the home’s well while another says he shot her and dumped her body in the well. The well is in a little barn that one can see from the road when going to the campgrounds. (Credits: Rachel Smith)

Sugar Street House – Former residents of a home along South Sugar Street claim it is haunted. Doors and windows opened and closed on their own and objects moved on the counters. An evil presence was felt by a couple laying in bed one night, immobilizing them for about five minutes until the presence departed. At least one person has reported seeing a ghostly woman with no legs wearing a white dress. Disembodied voices have been heard on several occasions. Heavy footsteps have been heard in the attic, followed by a little girl crying. It is rumored that a man had killed his stepdaughter in the house and hid her body in the attic over the living room. Related: Contribution (Credits: Jacob Fink)

Westmoreland Place – On the former grounds of the old Western Cemetery, the former Chillicothe City Hospital turned rehabilitation center may be haunted by those who were excavated from the graveyard. The cemetery was also the site of a clicking tombstone. Children who attended a nearby school refused to go near the grave marker due to the sound it made.


Sulphur Lick Hotel – This abandoned hotel on Sulphur Lick Road is known to be haunted by many of the locals. The wife of the former owner found evidence that he had cheated on her. She snapped and murdered him, along with each of the guests in their rooms. Blood stains were said to be visible for many years after the murders and the ghosts of the murder victims are said to haunt the place . The hotel was abandoned and later sold with ambitions to become a bed and breakfast. The property was under new ownership as of 2009 and was remodeled to become a home for girls.


Devil’s Leap – Located behind the old McComis property are cliffs haunted by the ghost of a suicide victim who leapt from the top after hearing the voice of the devil in his head. You can still hear him scream on his way down on certain nights.

Donald’s Pond – The forgotten cemetery behind the pond is said to be haunted. The cemetery dates to the 1700s and locals report many mysterious occurrences there.

Foggymore – This dip in the road is permanently foggy and is known by locals as Foggymore. On one occasion, a lady and her daughter were driving there at night when they saw a man smoking a cigarette lying in the road. The man floated away, still laying down when they got too close. Residents living near Foggymore have reported hearing mysterious footsteps in their house and the smell of pancakes cooking when no one is in the kitchen or cooking. (Credits: Brooke Strickland)

Lindy Sue – The ghost of a beautiful girl named Lindy Sue haunts the valleys of Knockemstiff. She was found strangled on the bridge over Paint Creek one night after she and her boyfriend, Clem, had parked their buggy there. The horse was found days later, dead from fright and the buggy was smashed. Clem was never seen again.


Enos Kay – Enos Kay fell in love with a beautiful girl who later dumped him for another man. Enos was so distraught that he went out to his barn and killed himself. He vowed to haunt all fool lovers until the end of the Earth. Even though his ghostly activity is centered around his hometown of Mutton-Jerk, Enos is said to haunt all of Ross County, tormenting lovers who park their cars to make out. He is usually seen near bridges and deserted roads.

 Richmond Dale 

Higby House – A family who was about to purchase the home had a feeling they weren’t alone, even though they were. Their little daughter claimed to have seen a girl that had frightened her so bad that she screamed and began to cry. The ghost of a woman followed them back to their residence and was seen standing at the foot of their bed one night. The daughter talked about the girl for a very long time. It is said that a man murdered his daughter in the home around the turn of the century. Related: Contribution (Credits: Renee)


Church Street – Late one night years ago, it is rumored that a man murdered a little boy and hid the boy’s body in the church. If you climb to the top window on the front of the church at midnight, you will see the child’s body.