Sugar Street House – Contribution

04/30/2014: Former resident Jacob Fink shares several paranormal happenings that took place at a home along South Sugar Street in Chillicothe during the early 1990s. A murder was rumored to have occurred at the home some time before his family lived there, so perhaps it is the source of the haunting.

When I was in high school (early 90s), myself, my father, my stepmother, my stepbrother and stepsister all lived in this house. It was rumored that a man had killed his stepdaughter in the house and hid her body in the attic over the living room. We all had several encounters in the house (doors/windows opening or closing, objects moving on counters, etc.) but a few incidents stand out in my mind:

Mine and my stepbrother’s bedroom was on the second floor over the kitchen. In the room was a small hatch leading to the attic that is over the living room. One time my brother decided he was going to go into the attic and look around. Me and my stepsister watched as he went through the hatch and closed it behind him. After about five minutes he came back out. He was white as a sheet and his hair was standing up. We asked him what had happened and he wouldn’t tell us. To this day he still won’t say what he saw in there.

One night me and my stepmother were watching TV in the living room and my step-brother was upstairs in our bedroom. Me and my stepmother heard a window slam upstairs and my brother scream. We ran upstairs and found my brother curled up in a ball on his bed. We asked him what happened and he said he had been reading when he looked over to the window (which was positioned between our beds) and saw a woman in a white dress and no legs. He said that the woman said to him, “Donnie, it’s time to come home,” then the window slammed shut.

One time when I was home alone, I was upstairs reading when I heard a man’s voice at the bottom of the stairs in the dining room. The voice said, “Did you remember to get the beer?” I then heard a woman’s voice say, “No.” I went downstairs and found no one in the house.

One night my father was home alone watching TV in the living room when he heard heavy footsteps in the attic above. He said the steps went the entire length of the attic then stopped. He then says that he heard a little girl crying.

One night my father and stepmother were in bed in their bedroom (first floor – front of the house) when they felt what they described as an “evil presence.” They told us that they could not move at all for about five minutes until the presence departed.