Grandview Cemetery – Contribution

11/24/2010: Thanks to Ian for sharing a paranormal experience he and some friends had while strolling around Grandview Cemetery in Chillicothe one night. He mistakenly thought a silhouetted figure he had seen was one of his friends. Later that night, another friend may have seen a similar figure in another part of the cemetery.

Several of my friends and I were exploring the cemetery at night. We were gathering around an obelisk, and soon we were only waiting on our friend Daniel. I saw him about 200 yards away, walking perpendicular to where I was facing. He was silhouetted against the night sky, and was strolling slowly. I said to the rest of my friends, “Hey, there is Daniel,” and not 10 seconds after I said that, the real Daniel came walking up to us from a completely different direction. He wasn’t even in my peripheral vision from where I had spotted the figure.

I immediately told everybody to look where I had seen it, but it had walked into the shadows by then. I knew it was not a shadow of any kind, as it wasn’t flickering across the tombstones or bending with the light. I watched it for a solid 4 or 5 seconds, so I also knew it could not have been a hallucination or my eyes playing tricks on me. We re-enacted Daniel walking up to us to see if perhaps it was some freak incident of a weird shadow, but it didn’t show. My friend Michael things he may have seen a similar shadow later that night, but nobody ever got a clear look like I did, unfortunately.

My friends and I are up at the cemetery at night all the time, sometimes playing capture the flag and sometimes just exploring. It is a pretty large cemetery, and although we saw no cars and there are few houses nearby, I do not rule out the possibility of somebody out on a midnight stroll alone. Although I am not sure which explanation is more unsettling.