Schrader Road Tunnel – Contribution

03/02/2003: Thanks to Sean Johnson for submitting this strange picture, taken by his friends Adam Jones and Ryan Notestone. The photo was taken at Schrader Road Tunnel in Ross County. Sean used a photo editing program to enhance the photo. He adjusted the gamma, separated the value compression, and lightened the photo. Take a look and email with any insights. We will pass along word to Sean and his friends.


08/07/2003: Thanks to Eric Royster, Josh Knapp, and Matt Rider for submitting their story about Schrader Road Tunnel. They tell of hearing strange sounds, finding a hollow spot in the tunnel, and one may have even seen the shadow of a woman in the background!

I had heard stories told about a haunted tunnel out of Chillicothe, so some of my friends and I decided to investigate. We are about an hour out of Chillicothe, so we left around 10:00 PM to arrive at a good time. After searching, we finally got to the tunnel around 12:30 AM. We all walked across the tunnel and heard nothing, so we didn’t think anything of it. On our way back, we took slow steps and stayed quiet. As we got about halfway through the tunnel, we heard what mimicked a low-pitched whine. We all stopped in curiosity and listened incoherently. All of us heard it but one, so we walked back and forth in the tunnel for about an hour until we all heard the noise. While making our rounds back and forth, one of us was knocking on the side of the tunnel. Surprisingly, in the very middle of the tunnel on the right side (after crossing the bridge), was a hollow spot. It was the only spot in the tunnel that made its unique sound. This spot can be easily located because the letters “BOO” are painted in big, bold letters to the right of it and has a chipped area. Also while in the tunnel, one of us was standing by himself, about 20 feet from the others. As the others approached, the one that was standing by himself noticed a shadow in the distance behind us. When we got home, we did research on the tunnel and found out that the shadow of a woman can be seen as well as a baby cry.

07/22/2004: Thanks to the anonymous contributor for submitting their experience at the Schrader Road Tunnel. She was an eyewitness who actually saw a ghostly woman point at her and heard the laughter of children. Her friends saw a dark figure with red eyes and a flash coming from the other tunnel.

My dad and I went out to Schrader Road to go to the Jones Farm to buy potatoes. The bridge was closed because they were rebuilding it. Anyways, it was during the daytime, maybe about four hours before sundown, so we went down Crybaby Tunnel. All of a sudden, I got this eerie feeling about that tunnel. I got a feeling that something was looking at me. I looked to my right and saw a ghostly woman looking and pointing at me. I don’t know if it was some kind of warning. She wasn’t smiling, she looked like she wanted revenge or something. As my dad got at the end of the tunnel, I rolled my window down and looked back, she was gone. At the end of the tunnel, I heard children laughing. It just gave me chills. I have been going back every now and then with my cousin at night. It’s more freaky.

There’s another story at Schrader Tunnel. My friend Kaycie went to crybaby tunnel at night for the first time. Her sister, Lacie, brought maybe a couple of friends with her. Lacie’s friend had seen a dark figure with red eyes. Kaycie said that her sister’s friend said that the dark figure would move every time that she would blink her eyes. Kaycie said that she had seen a flash in the other tunnel, but her sister didn’t see anything at all.

08/17/2008: Thanks to Ashley Jenkins for submitting an experience she and three others had at the tunnel when they visited during the daytime on August 17, 2008. They found mysterious handprints n the back of their car when they returned home.

Me, my aunt, my friend, and my aunt’s boyfriend all went down to crybaby’s tunnel on August 17, 2008, during the day. Well my aunt dropped me and my friend off at the beginning of the tunnel and we walked through while they went and turned around. We didn’t hear or see anything. Well, we looked around and seen all kinds of baby hands and baby feet in the tunnel with water running through it, where she threw her baby off, so we took pictures of them and then got in the car and drive to the middle of the tunnel. We flashed our headlights twice, honked the horn, turned off the car and yelled, “We got your baby!” We saw something in the tunnel and drove out. On the way home, we saw muddy baby footprints on the back windshield. We didn’t do it, so we were freaked out. BE CAREFUL! WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T TAKE BABIES! AND DON’T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR AT NIGHT! PLEASE DON’T VANDALIZE THE TUNNEL OR ANYTHING!