Majestic Theatre Investigation

Investigation #06OJR70202

The Ohio Exploration Society conducted this investigation at the Majestic Theatre in Chillicothe, Ohio, on August 11, 2006. The start time was 11:00 PM.

General Information

The Majestic Theatre is said to be haunted due in large part to its use as a temporary morgue during the Spanish Flu epidemic that swept through nearby Camp Sherman in 1918. Bodies were stacked in the dressing rooms beneath the stage as a holding place until they could be embalmed on the stage. Some of the “bodies” placed there were later found to be alive and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. Once on the stage, the bodily fluids were drained into Masonic Alley that runs parallel to the theatre. The alley has been known as “Bloody Alley” ever since.

There have been reports of a ghostly girl in the dressing rooms, particularly in the star dressing room across from the backstage stairway. The ghost of a man has been seen walking a few feet above ground at stage level where the floor used to be. Mysterious fogs drift around the building and an occasional scream or disembodied voice can be heard. There have even been reports of seeing a dead body on the stage during performances. Actors have reported seeing someone peering down at them through the backstage control booth window when no one is in the booth. Click Here to visit our structures section page for more on the theatre’s history and photos taken inside Majestic Theatre.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder
  • Jay Maynard – OES Co-Founder
  • Jason Colwell – Director of Paranormal Investigations
  • Matt Walbright – Investigator
  • Jessica Walbright – Investigator
  • Jennifer Carpenter – Investigator
  • Jasmine Diemer – Investigator
  • MJ – Investigator

Equipment Used

  • 1 Sony MiniDV Camcorder
  • 3 Sony Hi8mm Camcorders
  • 1 Sony NightVision Extender
  • 6 Digital Cameras
  • 5 Digital Audio Recorders
  • 2 External Microphones
  • 1 Headphones
  • 1 TriField Natural EM Meter
  • 2 Thermocouple Thermometers

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

While investigating in the basement, Robinson asked for a persistent squeaking noise caused by the boiler belt to stop. A third party had tried to stop the squeaking earlier in the night to no avail. The noise ceased almost immediately after Robinson’s request and stayed quiet for the remainder of the investigation. Odd sounds were heard coming from the old, unused boiler room, where electromagnetic field readings fluctuated and the temperature was slightly cooler. Colwell heard distinctive sounds responding to him while in the old boiler room later that night. The sound of something falling from the ceiling was heard several times in the ballroom. Nothing unusual was ever found upon investigation of the area where the noise had been produced and no one saw anything falling from the ceiling. Lastly, while sitting on the stage, a couple of investigators very briefly saw the shadow of someone in the seating area. However, nothing of significance was found upon further investigation. A total of five instances of electronic voice phenomenon were recorded during the course of the investigation and are included below.

Evidence – EVP Recordings

No: This faint, hard to make out voice responds, “No,” after we ask if anyone is down in the old boiler room.
Get Out: A whispery voice saying, “Get out,” was recorded when we asked the ghost where it may be. Apparently it didn’t want us there.
Help Me: A faint whisper says, “Help me,” after we asked what it needs help with. This was recorded in the star dressing room.
Lawrence Baker Is Who I Am: After asking for a name, a deep voice faintly says, “Lawrence Baker is who I am.”
No: After hearing the, “No,” response from the boiler room above, another whispery, “No,” was recorded again just after a loud noise.
Squeaking Stops: This is not an EVP, but audio of the squeaking sound stopping after Robinson asked for the sound to stop.


Site Information

Majestic Theatre
45 East Second Street
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
(740) 772-2041