Hocking County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Hocking County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Haydenville Cemetery – This cemetery is said to be the site of strange phenomenon. Balls of light and a mysterious haze have been seen by witnesses. Whispers can occasionally be heard near the rear of the cemetery.

Haydenville Museum – The building that was going to house Haydenville’s Museum (where the Ohio historical plaque is located) is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman. She is most often seen in the upstairs window of the home, wearing a baby blue dress. Related: OES Visit

Haydenville Tunnel – The tunnel adjacent to the cemetery above is believed to be haunted. Workers killed in the tunnel during its construction more than 100 years ago are said to appear from time to time. The spirit of a young woman is also believed to haunt the tunnel. The OES visited the tunnel several times when it was open to the public. At least two of our members were touched by something unseen while in the tunnel and we have recorded numerous EVPs. Our coordinator also photographed what appeared to be an apparition. Related: OES Visit NOTE: Haydenville Tunnel is extremely unstable and could collapse at any time. It is now owned by the forest service and entering it is illegal. We strongly discourage entering the tunnel.

Postons Farm House – Several skeletons were reportedly discovered during the construction of the home’s cellar. As it turned out, the home was built on top of an old Indian mound. The skeletons were donated to the Ohio University in Athens. Related: OES Visit (Credits: Nyla Vollmer)

Wolfe Cemetery – Sometimes misspelled as Wolf Cemetery, it is supposedly haunted by the witch or warlock allegedly buried there under one of the flat-topped tombstones. Legend says if you lay on the tombstone or touch it that you can start to feel heat and might even be sucked into the grave. Related: OES Visit


Conkle’s Hollow – Conkle’s Hollow was named for a man, who in 1797, carved his name and date into the rock wall. It is said that a band of Indians robbed a group of settlers on the Ohio River and took their loot to the hollow to hide it. They drew an arrow pointing to the location where the money was hidden, but the only way to access it was to climb a hemlock tree. Many years later when they returned to retrieve their treasure, the three had fallen to the ground and the arrow had eroded away. No one has ever found the treasure. Old Man Conkle is said to haunt the hollow.

Death Hole – Known as a swimming spot on Scotts Creek, Death Hole has a strong undertow. Supposedly a horse and buggy fell off the rocks above and were quickly swept beneath the waterfall. The spot is said to be haunted by those souls whom the hole has claimed. In particular, witnesses have reported seeing a woman in her 60s with long straight blonde hair and a dress full of holes sitting on the ledge with her feet in the water late at night. (Credits: Terry Fout Jr.)

Kachelmacher Park – Shadowy figures have been seen roaming the park at night.

Old Man’s Cave – Old Man Rowe is said to haunt the entrance to the cave where he buried his treasure. A man named Charlie is said to haunt the nearby Salt Pete cave. Charlie reportedly cut off his wife’s head and her lover’s head and threw them off the top of the cave. His ghost can sometimes be heard chopping wood near the cave at night.

Pleasant Valley – The ghost of an old hermit riding his mule is said to haunt the area. He has been seen walking the route he used to travel nightly and has been heard whistling his favorite tune. He vanished many years ago, many believed he had been consumed by quicksand.

Screams of Falls Township – At midnight, the screams of a man who was killed in a drilling accident can be heard on the night he died.


Clear Creek Metro Park – A large rock that hangs over Clear Creek Road, known as Leaning Lena, is said to be a hangout for witches. Every Halloween the witches are said to place sticks at the bottom of the rock. If you take one of the sticks, something horrible will happen to you. The entire area is also said to be haunted, although we have not received any specific reports.