Haydenville Tunnel

The OES originally visited Haydenville Tunnel on April 27, 2002, but we have since returned numerous times. Known as Ohio’s last company town, Haydenville is a small town just off US Route 33, a few miles south of Logan. Founded in 1852 by industrialist Peter Hayden, his wish was to run an iron-smelting business. After a coal furnace was erected in 1856, many mines and tunnels were dug into the hillsides to gain access to the rich iron ore, coal, and clay deep within. The Hayden family sold the village, land, mines, and factory to the National Fireproofing Company of Pittsburgh in 1902 for $75,000. NATCO continued to operate the business until 1964, when the village was sold to a Pennsylvania businessman.

Haydenville Tunnel was constructed over 100 years ago to allow clay mined a few miles away to be easily transported to Haydenville’s large brick factory. The tunnel was abandoned in 1957 and has not been used since. The tunnel extended some distance beyond where it ended when we visited. The first 120 yards of the tunnel were made of brick tiles that formed an archway. When this section of tunnel came to an end, the tunnel’s shape became square, with brick tiles serving as the walls and spaced wood planks and natural rock forming the ceiling. This portion of the tunnel extended about 30 yards to the point where the tunnel had collapsed some time ago. According to old topographic maps, the tunnel’s entire length was about 950 feet. During our return trips to the tunnel, we noticed new damage in the tunnel that could result in another collapse and therefore considered the tunnel to be extremely dangerous and unstable. We do not advise anyone to enter the tunnel, as another collapse is likely imminent.

Haydenville Tunnel is reportedly haunted by workers who were supposedly killed there during its construction. It may also be haunted by the spirit of a girl in her late teens to early twenties. We did not record or experience anything unusual during our first trip to the tunnel, but we have experienced something strange on almost every return visit. We have recorded numerous EVPs on various trips to the tunnel, including a voice that screamed, “No, not that tunnel,” near the collapsed section in June 2003. OES Co-Founder Jay Maynard was touched by something unseen near the tunnel’s entrance during the same visit. During the summer of 2005, the OES, along with our friends at the Central Ohio Paranormal Society, recorded several EVPs and photographed a possible apparition. One person was even touched on the arm twice during that trip, and an EVP was recorded saying, “That’s her arm I’m touching. That’s her arm.”

Thanks to Shannon and Rodney for taking us on our first tour of Haydenville Tunnel.

UPDATE 2014: Haydenville Tunnel has been officially closed to the public due to safety concerns. As we have always stated above, we do not advise anyone to enter the tunnel, as another collapse is likely imminent. A sign has now been posted at the tunnel’s entrance, stating this, and barriers have been placed. Those who ignore the posting and enter the tunnel may now be cited by law enforcement or Wayne National Forest officials.

Location Information: Abandoned

Haydenville Tunnel is located in the small former company town of Haydenville; Hocking County.



360° Panorama

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EVP Recordings

No, Not That Tunnel: This voice yelling, “No, not that tunnel,” was recorded as we were deciding whether to climb over the collapsed section.
Why Don’t You Find Me?: This voice sounds like a little girl. The voice could also be saying, “Why don’t you watch me?”
That’s Her Arm I’m Touching. That’s Her Arm: This extremely creepy voice was recorded just after someone had been touched twice by something unseen.
Don’t Move: This voice was recorded as we were climbing out of the tunnel. Listen to a female voice saying, “Don’t move,” just after the first loud sound.
Two Of Us: There is an unintelligible voice just after we asked how many of them are in the tunnel with us.
Help Me Photo Guy: This EVP was recorded in the tunnel as an OES member was about to take a picture.
Help Me OES, Help: Recorded on the same trip as the EVP above by an OES member who was wearing a t-shirt with the letters “OES” on the back.
Help: This voice saying, “Help,” was recorded as we were performing an investigation inside the tunnel.
Ew: This voice was also recorded during the investigation inside the tunnel. It sounds like “Ew,” or maybe even, “Hey you!”
Let Go, Of Me: This voice sounds like an older gentleman saying, “Let go, of me.”
Hey: This voice was recorded during our investigation inside the tunnel, saying either “Hey,” or “Yeah,” to agree.
Don’t Blame It On Me: This spirit says, “Don’t blame it on me,” as we were discussing a member being touched on a previous trip.
Jesus Pending: Recording during one of our investigations, this voice either says, “Jesus pending,” or “Help me please.”
Damn It, That’s Not Fair: This voice recorded during an investigation was the first EVP we have ever captured that used foul language.
Foreign Language: We aren’t sure what this voice is saying. It could be a foreign language, but some have heard, “Get down”
Move On: We were on our way out of the tunnel when we recorded this voice telling us to, “Move on.”
No One Breathe: This EVP saying, “No one breathe,” was recorded near the collapsed section of the tunnel.
Take That: This whispery voice saying, “Take that,” was recorded where the brick ceiling and wood plank ceiling met.
Bless You: You must listen carefully for this one between sneezes. It either whispers, “Bless you,” or “Atchoo.”
Feedback: An OES member’s digital voice recorder makes this strange noise just as he witnesses a strange mist.
Leave Me Under: This EVP was recorded in the woods as we were walking to the tunnel on a night-time trip. The audio was boosted.