Wolfe Cemetery

The OES visited Wolfe Cemetery on April 27, 2002. Wolfe Cemetery was established in the 1840s as a family cemetery with its first burial, Rhoda Wolfe who died in 1845. All of those buried in the cemetery were either born or married into the Wolfe family, except one. Wilson Patrick was a hired hand to Christopher Wolfe. Wilson had no family when he died, so the Wolfe family decided to bury him in their cemetery. The grounds of Wolfe Cemetery seemed very well maintained when we visited. Many of the tombstones were damaged by weather, but most were readable. Of course, as with many remote cemeteries, Wolfe Cemetery is rumored to be haunted. Legend says that a witch or warlock was burned and buried at the cemetery. His or her grave was supposedly one of the tombstones with a flat top. It is said if you lay on it or touch it, you can feel heat and may even be sucked into the grave. As with most stories of this nature, this one merely an urban legend. The grave usually referred to in the legend actually belongs to young infants. Electromagnetic field readings were low and recording for electronic voice phenomenon yielded no results when we visited. We have concluded that Wolfe Cemetery is most likely not haunted. If you decide to visit Wolfe Cemetery, as with any location on this website, please do so in a respectful manner.

Thanks goes to Shannon and Rodney for taking us to Wolfe Cemetery.

Location Information: Inactive Cemetery [Safe]

Wolfe Cemetery is located on Township Road 1080 in Haydenville; Hocking County.