Poston Farmhouse

The OES visited Poston Farmhouse on August 2, 2003. The house seemed to have been built in the mid-to-late 1800s and had probably been abandoned for about ten years at the time of our visit. It is believed that the home was built on top of an Indian mound and that during construction, several skeletons were removed and donated to Ohio University. Most of the newspapers and magazines we found in the home date from the early 1990s. The house was pretty typical for an abandoned home, with junk strewn about the floor and some damage from the elements. Unlike many abandoned structures near major cities, this house had very little vandalism or graffiti. During our visit, we found some kind of fluid in the refrigerator that looked like apple juice, but no one was willing to test it. We also found an old Pac-Man cartridge for an Atari in the pink bedroom. In all, the house had four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a parlor, accounting for around 1800 square feet. We did not find an entry to the basement, but we have been told by a former resident that there is indeed a very small basement. The barn behind the house was still being used when we visited, so the property owners may stop by from time to time. As of 2015, the property is regularly mowed, and the house has been boarded up tight.

Location Information: Abandoned

Poston Farmhouse is on Hocking Drive west of the small village of Haydenville; Hocking County.