Haydenville House

The OES visited the Haydenville House on April 27, 2002. Rows upon rows of identical brick homes line the roads of Ohio’s last company town, Haydenville. Most of the homes are narrow two-story houses, but this home is one of a handful that are a little different from the norm. Maybe it was the differences in this house that made it worthy to become Haydenville’s eventual museum. During our trip there, it was one of Haydenville’s abandoned buildings. The historical marker for Haydenville sits in front of the house, containing a brief overview of Haydenville’s history. The interior of the home looked like a typical abandoned house—lots of dust, broken windows, busted walls and chipped paint. We did not venture to the upstairs of the home since the stairs did not look sound. The museum opened some time after our visit but closed in 2012. The historical marker was moved to the entrance of Haydenville Community Park at the former site of Haydenville School. The current status of the Haydenville House is unknown. If you have any information, please email .

Location Information: Unknown

Haydenville House is on Haydenville Road in Ohio’s last company town, Haydenville; Hocking County.