Paranormal Evidence

Below you will find possible evidence of the paranormal that the Ohio Exploration Society has either collected during paranormal investigations and explorations or were submitted by contributors to the website. This includes photographic evidence, video evidence and electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). None of the evidence has been altered other than leveling audio to make an EVP clearer, adjusting brightness levels in photos, or adding OES logos to videos. More information for each piece of evidence is available on their  respective pages on this website.

Photographic Evidence


Video Evidence

Warehouse On The Canal – OES member punched in stomach as a summoning was being performed.

B&T Metals – A cabinet door mysteriously closed on its own.

Moonville Tunnel 1 – A strange ball of light passed in front of the camera.

Moonville Tunnel 2 – An unknown object, possibly a bug, floated in front of the camera.

St. Jacob Cemetery – A strange mist not seen with the naked eye appeared on the full spectrum camera.


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