Paranormal Evidence – EVPs

What exactly is Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP for short? EVP are voices that are recorded on modern equipment, such as digital and microcassette voice recorders and video cameras, that are not usually heard until playback. While some EVPs could be interference from stray radio signals or other sources, many EVPs are believed to be paranormal in nature. Sometimes only one recorder out of several will capture the voice. Potential for capturing EVP in a recording exists just about anywhere with an extensive history. Anyone can try to record for electronic voice phenomenon and will eventually get results. See our EVP Tips Page for more on recording for EVP yourself.

We have recorded EVPs at the locations below during explorations and paranormal investigations. Click the link to show the audio files. Some are clear voices, some are whispers, and others are mysterious noises. One of the common problems with EVP is that two people may hear completely different things. Carefully listen for anything that sounds out of place, such as whispers and hard to make out words. Try using headphones while listening for better audio. If you hear something other than what the recording is described as, please email with your transcription of the EVP.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Athens Ridges
Berliner Park
Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
Doctors Hospital of Stark County
Elisabeth's Grave
Factory of Terror
Fairfield County Poorhouse
Forest Rose Cemetery
Greater Columbus Antique Mall
Green Lawn Abbey
Green Lawn Cemetery
Haydenville Tunnel
Hope Furnace
Huntington Chapel
Investigation INV05CMR70041
Investigation INV06OJR70191
Investigation INV07OJR70253
Majestic Theatre
Malabar Farm
Moonville Tunnel
Old Agudas Achim Cemetery
Palmer Road Crybaby Bridge
Q92 Radio Station
Warehouse On The Canal


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