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What exactly is Electronic Voice Phenomenon, or EVP for short? EVP are voices that are recorded on modern equipment, such as digital and microcassette voice recorders and video cameras, that are not usually heard until playback. While some EVPs could be interference from stray radio signals or other sources, many EVPs are believed to be paranormal in nature. Sometimes only one recorder out of several will capture the voice. Potential for capturing EVP in a recording exists just about anywhere with an extensive history. Anyone can try to record for electronic voice phenomenon and will eventually get results. See our EVP Tips Page for more on recording for EVP yourself.

We have recorded EVPs at the locations below during explorations and paranormal investigations. Click the link to show the audio files. Some are clear voices, some are whispers, and others are mysterious noises. One of the common problems with EVP is that two people may hear completely different things. Carefully listen for anything that sounds out of place, such as whispers and hard to make out words. Try using headphones while listening for better audio. If you hear something other than what the recording is described as, please email with your transcription of the EVP.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Athens Ridges
Screaming: We recorded the sound of someone screaming as we were looking into a former padded room.
Would You Help Us: This voice saying, “Would you help us,” was recorded in the basement near the iron gates.
Would You Help Us Edit: The same recording as the file above but edited to enhance the EVP.

Berliner Park
Hit the Control: Recorded along the haunted Berliner Park bike path, this voice says something along the lines of, “Hit the control, open the door, no.”

Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery
Whispering: Listen closely and you can hear what sounds like a woman whispering something. It is difficult to hear without headphones.
Whispering Edit: The same recording as above, but with some noise removed to make the EVP more audible.
Who’s This: Captured during the news interview with Robinson. After the reporter says, “Um,” the EVP says, “Who’s this?”

Doctors Hospital of Stark County
Rooftop Hey: While on the hospital’s roof, we recorded this whispery voice saying, “Hey.”
Bathtub Yeah: A whispery, “Yeah,” was recorded over top an OES member’s voice near a bathtub on the second floor patient area.
Lights Yeah: This deep, whispery voice was recorded only 5½ minutes after our arrival, agreeing that lights will not turn on in some places.

Elisabeth's Grave
Foreign Language: This sounds like a foreign language to us. Several people have written in stating it sounds Native American and a few have even suggested Polish. Another person states they hear French “[Unidentified] qui êtes-vous?” translated to “[Unidentified] who are you?”  I-Town Ghost Hunters have stated they hear, “Oh, go check the door.”

Factory of Terror
Bang, You’re Dead: Recorded in a maintenance area, this voice loudly says, “BANG,” and then whispers, “you’re dead.”

Fairfield County Poorhouse
Welcome: A whispery voice says, “Welcome,” on the first floor near the cold storage area.
??? Said Hi: This feminine voice just after the camera shutter says, “(Inaudible) said hi.”
Oh My God: This whispery voice sounds like it says, “Oh my God.”
Footsteps With Strange Noise: Heavy footsteps can be heard, followed by a strange sound, possibly a woman’s voice.
Computerized Voice: A strange computerized voice recites seemingly random letters when the recorder was left alone for some time. We did not use any equipment capable of producing this kind of vocalization during this investigation. We are stumped as to the origin of the voice.

Forest Rose Cemetery
I Don’t Like You: This whispery voice was recorded after we asked if anyone was there.
Hey You, Be Gone: This EVP was recorded as we were walking around. It says, “Hey you, be gone.”
No: This voice is very firm saying, “No.” We’re not sure what he was disagreeing with.
Hey: This very slight whisper almost sounds like a child saying, “Hey,” trying to get our attention.
Hey #2: This whisper also sounds like someone saying, “Hey.” It is much quicker, almost urgent sounding.
Odd Breath: Listen for a breath between the chuckles that seems to be out of place.

Greater Columbus Antique Mall
Hello: This voice that sounds like a small child or girl saying, “Hello,” was recorded in the attic.
Get Out: This hard to hear, whispery voice says, “Get out,” as we walked near the restrooms.
How Do I Fix It?: Recorded in the basement area now used for storage, this faint voice asks, “How do I fix it?”
I’m Cool/Cruel: This voice whispers either, “I’m cool,” or “I’m cruel,” over our conversation.
This Is Harry/Creepy: A voice saying either, “This is Harry,” or, “This is creepy,” at the beginning of the recording. The voice is hard to hear.
Breath: Just after being asked to make a sound, this breath was heard with the naked ear, but it is difficult to hear in the recording.
Footsteps: This recording picked up the sound of footsteps that were heard in the main hallway shortly after our arrival.
Knocking: This knocking sound was heard in the southeast corner of the main auditorium, perhaps on a bench.
Unidentified Noise: This odd sound was heard in the main auditorium. No one was moving at the time the sound occurred.
Chimes: These chimes responded to a request made by an investigator in the main auditorium at the end of the investigation.
No: This whispery voice responds, “No,” to a question asked to one of our investigators before she had a chance to reply.
Hey: Another whispery voice saying, “Hi,” was recorded over the voice of an investigator.
No #2: A long drawn-out, “No,” responded to a statement about a payroll check.
Breathing: The breathing sound heard by the investigators coming from behind Niklas on the stairwell landing.

Green Lawn Abbey
No: After an OES member says, “This place is sweet,” an unknown voice whispers, “No.”
Gate Opening: The sound of a gate opening down the hallway. No one was near that section of the building.
Ask Me: During an investigation at the Abbey, this ghostly voice says, “Ask me.” Credit to COPS
Save Our Souls: While having a discussion, this voice was recorded saying, “Save our souls.” Credit to COPS
Save Our Souls (Edit): This is the same recording as above, but edited for better clarity. Credit to COPS
We Heard It: After an OES member states, “We all heard it,” the unknown voice quickly says, “We heard it.”
Behind You: While walking down a hallway, the recorder picked up this voice saying, “Behind you.”
Nana: This voice sounds like a little girl saying either Nana, Hannah, or Anna. We believe it says “Nana.”
Walk If You Enter: A female voice saying, “Walk if you enter,” was captured on one of our recorders. The audio was edited to remove loud background noise.

Green Lawn Cemetery
Me: Recorded under the bridge in the middle of the cemetery. Those present had heard a sound when it was recorded.

Haydenville Tunnel
No, Not That Tunnel: This voice yelling, “No, not that tunnel,” was recorded as we were deciding whether to climb over the collapsed section.
Why Don’t You Find Me?: This voice sounds like a little girl. The voice could also be saying, “Why don’t you watch me?”
That’s Her Arm I’m Touching. That’s Her Arm: This extremely creepy voice was recorded just after someone had been touched twice by something unseen.
Don’t Move: This voice was recorded as we were climbing out of the tunnel. Listen to a female voice saying, “Don’t move,” just after the first loud sound.
Two Of Us: There is an unintelligible voice just after we asked how many of them are in the tunnel with us.
Help Me Photo Guy: This EVP was recorded in the tunnel as an OES member was about to take a picture.
Help Me OES, Help: Recorded on the same trip as the EVP above by an OES member who was wearing a t-shirt with the letters “OES” on the back.
Help: This voice saying, “Help,” was recorded as we were performing an investigation inside the tunnel.
Ew: This voice was also recorded during the investigation inside the tunnel. It sounds like “Ew,” or maybe even, “Hey you!”
Let Go, Of Me: This voice sounds like an older gentleman saying, “Let go, of me.”
Hey: This voice was recorded during our investigation inside the tunnel, saying either “Hey,” or “Yeah,” to agree.
Don’t Blame It On Me: This spirit says, “Don’t blame it on me,” as we were discussing a member being touched on a previous trip.
Jesus Pending: Recording during one of our investigations, this voice either says, “Jesus pending,” or “Help me please.”
Damn It, That’s Not Fair: This voice recorded during an investigation was the first EVP we have ever captured that used foul language.
Foreign Language: We aren’t sure what this voice is saying. It could be a foreign language, but some have heard, “Get down”
Move On: We were on our way out of the tunnel when we recorded this voice telling us to, “Move on.”
No One Breathe: This EVP saying, “No one breathe,” was recorded near the collapsed section of the tunnel.
Take That: This whispery voice saying, “Take that,” was recorded where the brick ceiling and wood plank ceiling met.
Bless You: You must listen carefully for this one between sneezes. It either whispers, “Bless you,” or “Atchoo.”
Feedback: An OES member’s digital voice recorder makes this strange noise just as he witnesses a strange mist.
Leave Me Under: This EVP was recorded in the woods as we were walking to the tunnel on a night-time trip. The audio was boosted.

Hope Furnace
Whoosh: The sound of a strong wind blows across the mic, but there was no wind at the time of the recording.
I Am Right Here (x2), No!: This faint whisper was picked up while conducting an EMF sweep. It is hard to hear.
Get Out: A voice whispers, “Get out,” as we were leaving. Others report hearing, “I drunk nothing,” or “I want nothing.”
Go Down The Steps (x2): We recorded this very faint whisper as we were going down the steps.
Cold: An OES member said he was starting to get cold chills and a ghostly voice whispers, “Cold.”

Huntington Chapel
Hey: This EVP whispers “Hey,” as the microphone sat on the podium.
Yeah: While explaining where the building once ended, confirmation was received through this EVP saying, “Yeah.”
Cecil Jackson: Just after Mike of COPS says, “Cecil Jackson,” a whispery voice repeats the name. Credit to COPS
Oh No!: Recorded by Mike of COPS, this EVP sounds like a distressed, “Oh no!” Credit to COPS

Investigation INV05CMR70041
Do You?: Recorded in the living room when checking the thermostat for the base temperature of the residence.
Yelp: Physically heard by two investigators, the yelp sounds like a small dog, but there were no animals present.
Let Me Go: Recorded during a discussion about manifestations.
No: Recorded during an interview with the homeowner.
I Got A Lot Of Stuff: Recorded while joking with the homeowner about the clutter in one of the unused bedrooms.
Get Up! Let Me Find My Coat: Recorded as a digital camera was malfunctioning in another unused bedroom.
No!: Recorded in the living room by the homeowner.
Don’t Know: Another EVP recorded by the homeowner in the living room. It sounds very similar to the voice in the recording above.
Music & Static: Recorded by homeowner in the living room, this sounds like someone changing the radio station. No radios were on during the investigation and the homeowner was using a brand new tape.

Investigation INV06OJR70191
Get Out: Recorded in the kitchen only eight seconds into our first EVP session, this voice whispers, “Get out.”
Can You Help Me: This voice that sounds like a little girl asking for help was recorded while coming inside from the front porch.
Treason: Recorded in the master bedroom during a real-time EVP session, the voice is heard whispering either “Treason,” or “Jason,” just after “top of the.”
Who Are You: This voice was recorded in the master bedroom as an investigator asks the spirit to give a sign of its presence. Audio was boosted near the end.
Why Won’t You Come and Play With Me: This sounds like an older gentleman with a scruffy voice and is difficult to hear.
Kill It: Recorded in the road; voice 1 says, “We let you kill it;” Voice 2 says, “Green light;” then the voice chants, “Kill it.”
Yeah: This whispery voice agrees, “Yeah,” while we were on the front porch of the home.

Investigation INV07OJR70253
Loose Cap: Just after our client says, “…out of me,” you’ll hear a whispery voice say, “Loose cap.”
Dang It: One second after the camera clicks, a voice says, “Dang it.”
Nice: A hard-to-hear whispery voice says, “Nice,” right at the three second mark.

Majestic Theatre
No: This faint, hard to make out voice responds, “No,” after we asked if anyone is down in the old boiler room.
Get Out: A whispery voice saying, “Get out,” was recorded when we asked the ghost where it may be. Apparently it didn’t want us there.
Help Me: A faint whisper says, “Help me,” after we asked what it needs help with. This was recorded in the star dressing room.
Lawrence Baker Is Who I Am: After asking for a name, a deep voice faintly says, “Lawrence Baker is who I am.”
No: After hearing the, “No,” response from the boiler room above, another whispery, “No,” was recorded again just after a loud noise.
Squeaking Stops: This is not an EVP, but audio of a persistent squeaking sound from the boiler stopping after Robinson asked for the sound to stop.

Malabar Farm
Anne: This recording from Bromfield’s study clearly says, “Anne.” Anne was the name of Bromfield’s oldest daughter.
Beds: A faint whisper was recorded in the Bogart Room saying, “Beds.” There were two beds in the room.
Come See How They Fall: Recorded in Anne’s bedroom, this voice either says, “Come see how they fall,” or “Let’s see how they run.”
Scoot: Recorded in Anne’s room, we were not sure if this was an EVP or a chair scooting. You be the judge.
Meow: Recorded near Anne’s bedroom, this sounds like a long, drawn-out meow of a cat.
Unknown Voices: This was recorded in a closed-off room with no investigators present. We are not sure what the voice says.
Woof: Not only did we capture the meow of a cat, we also recorded the sound of a barking dog. Perhaps it was one of Bromfield’s prized boxers.
Honk: This recording sounds very much like an old tin toy horn. It was captured in the upstairs playroom.
I Don’t Know (x2): Recorded in George Hawkins’ bedroom, this voice says, “I don’t know,” twice.
I’m Dead: This whispery voice stating, “I’m dead,” was recorded in the playroom.
Laughing or Voice: We are not sure if this is an EVP. While some hear laughing, others hear “Help,” or “Stop.”
Be Good: This voice was so faint that the audio had to be boosted. It sounds like a woman saying, “Be good.”
Hey: A long, drawn-out, “Hey,” was recorded in the background as everyone was talking to one another.
No!: This voice saying, “No,” was recorded just after a knock on the basement door was heard.
You’re Welcome: Mrs. Bromfield was thanked for providing any results during an investigation in her bedroom and this voice replied, “You’re welcome.”
Hey: This EVP is a slight whisper in the background saying, “Hey.” It was heard live via real-time EVP recording.
No: This voice was recorded while the investigator was walking down a hallway. It is a soft whisper saying, “No,” just after a loud footstep.
Unknown Voice: There is an odd voice at the beginning of this recording, perhaps saying, “No,” but we are not certain.
You’re Welcome Here: A male voice whispers, “You’re welcome, here.”
No: Recorded outside the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “No,” just after someone yells, “Bring it on!”
Come In: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, a female voice whispers, “Come in,” as we stood in the kitchen.
Thank You: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this female voice whispers, “Thank you,” when we entered the home.
Yeah: Recorded at the Ceely Rose House, this very faint whisper agrees that the place smells moldy.

Moonville Tunnel
Screech: Just after turning off all lights, this eerie sound of a train rounding a curve was recorded.
I’m Kind of Cold: This EVP was recorded just after a member made a loud noise. It says, “I’m kind of cold.”
Oh God: A whispery voice saying, “Oh God,” was recorded after an investigator says the blue light is back.
No: This whispery “No,” was recorded as an investigator saw a glimmer of light just outside the west end of the tunnel.

Old Agudas Achim Cemetery
Welcome To The Pine Hill: This EVP was recorded saying, “Welcome to the pine hill,” near the rear of the cemetery where there’s a hill with pine trees. The voice could also be saying, “Oh God, he’s gonna put a knife in me.” Thanks to Jeff Dean for the alternate translation.

Palmer Road Crybaby Bridge
I Will Not Deny My Baby: This EVP screaming, “I will not deny my baby,” was recorded from inside our car as we parked on the local crybaby bridge. The EVP drowns out human conversation and crying can be heard in the background. Several people have reported hearing other voices as well.

Q92 Radio Station
I Don’t Wanna Talk: Recorded in the garage while questions were being asked. The voice is a quiet whisper, so listen closely.

Warehouse On The Canal
F*ck You: Recorded by Stilwell just after we had entered the basement and before he was hit.
F*ck You Radio Edit: The same recording as above, but the first word of the EVP was bleeped for sensitive ears.
Alex Green: Recorded just as Psychic Sonya began a summoning. The voice sounds like it says, “Alex…Green.”


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