Forest Rose Cemetery

The OES first visited Forest Rose Cemetery on May 8, 2004. We have since returned on numerous occasions during the night with permission from the caretakers. This large cemetery was actually two separate cemeteries prior to its founding. The German Burying Ground was established in 1826 on what is now the north side of Forest Rose Cemetery; and the Lutheran Cemetery, established in 1848, was on the south side. The cemeteries were split by a field until the City of Lancaster bought both cemeteries in 1882, combining them into one and named it Forest Rose Cemetery. Many older cemeteries around Lancaster have been relocated to Forest Rose due to development. Forest Rose is rather large with hills and winding paths throughout. The highest point in the cemetery is over 1,100 feet above sea-level. Most of the tombstones and mausoleums are in great condition and the cemetery is very well kept. Paul David Graf, the man who played Sergeant Eugene Tackleberry in the Police Academy films, was a native of Lancaster and was buried in Forest Rose after his death in 2001.

We have experienced several instances of paranormal phenomenon during our sanctioned night visits to the cemetery. Four EVPs were recorded during a trip in May 2005 with the Central Ohio Paranormal Society. Then on the night of July 15, 2005, OES Coordinator Philip Niklas shot a remarkable photograph of an apparent apparition standing on a hill above a mausoleum. There were no people in the cemetery that night other than the four OES members. All members were accounted for and were not near the mausoleum when the photo was taken. The photo was shot with a Canon Digital Rebel SLR camera with the shutter open for about 20-30 seconds. Philip’s photo is truly one of the clearest apparition photos that we have seen to date. We have included an untouched photo of the apparition along with a photo zoomed-in and cropped of the apparition. To read about paranormal encounters by website contributors, click here. If you have any comments about Philip’s photo, please email .

Location Information: Active Cemetery

Forest Rose Cemetery is located on North Columbus Street in Lancaster; Fairfield County.



EVP Recordings

I Don’t Like You: This whispery voice was recorded after we asked if anyone was there.
Hey You, Be Gone: This EVP was recorded as we were walking around. It says, “Hey you, be gone.”
No: This voice is very firm saying, “No.” We’re not sure what he was disagreeing with.
Hey: This very slight whisper almost sounds like a child saying, “Hey,” trying to get our attention.
Hey #2: This whisper also sounds like someone saying, “Hey.” It is much quicker, almost urgent sounding.
Odd Breath: Listen for a breath between the chuckles that seems to be out of place.