Forest Rose Cemetery – Contribution

10/09/2008: Thanks to Heather Howard for sending us the experience she, her mother and children had at Forest Rose Cemetery in Fairfield County. While visiting relatives’ graves in the cemetery, Heather’s mother saw a woman wearing a flowered pink and white dress who disappeared within moments. This is the same cemetery where we photographed a shadowy apparition in July 2005. Click the link to the cemetery’s page above to view our photo.

About three weeks ago I was in the car with my mother and my two kids, and on the way to go out to get something to eat, we drove through Forest Rose Cemetery to check on my grandma and my great-grandparents’ gravesites to make sure the weeds weren’t out of control and everything was in order. After we were done my mom wanted to drive around and look at the tombstones to get some ideas of what she wanted for hers as she wants to pick one out and start paying for it now so that my sister and I will not be burdened with the cost later.

Anyway, we were on the south side of the cemetery about two rows from the bottom, the area was on a corner where two streets intersect and the tombstones with the name Pearce face outwards toward the side road. The names on them were Mary on one with her husband and Lavina on the other. Anyhow, we were driving toward that intersection and my mom saw between the tree and the tombstone this woman standing there in a pink and white flowered dress, slender, and had straight stringy grey hair. She did not realize at first the woman was a ghost until we drove past the tree and my mom no longer saw the woman. There was no car or any other way that the woman could have left and it was in the middle of the day, so it wasn’t a shadow, it was a real apparition of this woman.

Has anyone else ever seen anything at this cemetery? My mom said she’s been to this cemetery thousands of times, ever since she was a kid, and even a few times at night with some friends and until this, she had never seen anything. We will continue to go back to that same area and see if we can catch something. You never know, maybe she will pop up again one of these days.

PS – My four-year-old was being cranky that day up by my grandma’s gravesite, so me and my mom were dancing around and being silly to calm him down. My husband says you are not supposed to dance in graveyards and we must have awoken a spirit. Does anyone believe this is possible?