Morley Music Hall – Contribution

05/29/2006: Thanks to Julie of The Spirit Stalkers for submitting this story and video of what could possibly be a vortex appearing in the balcony of Morley Music Hall at Lake Erie College. The footage was shot at 5:34 PM and lasted for eight minutes. The video has been compressed to just two minutes. There were no windows in the balcony. Julie turned the camcorder light on about a minute into the recording, but unfortunately, she didn’t look at the LCD screen to see the events unfolding in real-time. Once the vortex closed, her group recorded several orbs that appeared in the balcony.

Julie and her group have conducted an extensive investigation of the hauntings at Lake Erie College. The Spirit Stalkers previously photographed a possible apparition at College Hall. Click here for more on that. Visit their website to view more evidence and listen to some EVPs that they have captured. For more on the Morley Music Hall haunting, see the Lake County page of our hauntings section. Julie’s story and the video she submitted are below. If you have any comments on the video, please email us at .

IN MEMORY OF JULIET MARIE KELLER (06/14/1975 – 09/08/2010)

Dave and I contacted you in the past on the haunting at Lake Erie College, upon our investigation with the College, we were also studying Morley Music Hall. While at this present time we are still unsure why hauntings are present at the Music Hall (we have found no records why there would be any reason of a haunting associated with the music hall) we have found it to be beyond extremely active. We have done quite an extensive investigation, 4 months worth, when we were preparing for a lecture and an overnight ghost tour last October with the college. We obtained video footage of what we believe to be the first VORTEX caught on video appearing in the balcony of Morley Music Hall. It lasts for 8 minutes and then closes. We do have it compressed into a file down to 2 minutes. I do have to mention that there were no windows in the balcony, the footage was taken at 5:34 p.m. I did happen to turn on the camera light about a minute into the taping (too bad I didn’t look at the LCD screen to see what was taking place!!!!). You will even see Dave and I walk in front of the camera and we had no idea what was going on in the balcony. This was about 25 minutes into taping on an hour tape, ONLY AFTER the vortex closed we started to get a light show of orbs in the balcony. They began to appear two minutes after it closed. We were always given free roam of the music hall and had security lock us in.


A possible vortex was captured on film in the balcony of Morley Music Hall by Julie and The Spirit Stalkers during their investigation of the hauntings of Lake Erie College.

09/26/2010: Thanks to Suzy B. for sending in her experiences at Morley Music Hall. She and other students believe the building is haunted and have heard screams during pep band practice. Suzy has also heard the same tune being played on a piano when no one else was around.

Hi. I am a student here at Lake Erie College and I just wanted to definitely agree with you about Morley Music Hall. We students believe that it’s Mrs. Morley that’s there. From a personal experience, I go down there to the basement to practice my tuba in the practice room. I close the door and everything, but every time I am down there, no one is down there with me or in any part of the building. And just about every time and it’s only when the one boy decides to show up for practice, we hear like a screaming and it’s really loud. Sometimes it’s multiple screams or sometimes just one. I just thought I’d share my experience.