Lake County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Lake County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Washington Elementary – Late at night after the custodians have left, ghostly boys and girls are said to appear dancing around and going to the gym.


Fairport Harbor Lighthouse – The ghost of a cat that was found mummified in a crawlspace is said to haunt this old lighthouse on Lake Erie’s shore.


Chagrin River – The east branch of the Chagrin River is said to be haunted. The sound of falling logs are heard, red orbs are seen and cold chills can be felt.

King Memorial Drive – During the 1800s, a doctor secretly performed abortions and killed deformed babies in a building along this road. After being thrown into the basement, the babies were buried on a knoll outside the house. Many people claim to feel eerie chills when passing the knoll and have heard the sound of babies crying coming from the basement. People have also sighted the so-called “Melon Heads” along Wisner Road.

Smith Grave – A single memorial on the west side of Hart Road, just north of Baldwin Road, marks the burial spot of Levi and Ruth Smith. They established a farm near the site in 1814 after having moved from Derby, Connecticut. Levi was one of twelve people who started a small church in Kirtland that later evolved into Mormonism. Legend says that Levi and his wife were involved in witchcraft, having been from the region of Connecticut where the witch trials took place in the 1600s, but there is no evidence of this. Some say that if you face the memorial, turn your back to it, then face it again, the stone will move closer to you. (Credits: Jake)

 Lake Erie College 

Andrews Dorm – A former president of the college, Mary Evans, is believed to haunt this dorm. Although it is not known why she haunts the building, her presence brings along poltergeist-like activity, as she is known to knock things off shelves, move objects and slam doors.

College Hall – A ghost named Stephanie is said to haunt the fourth floor, which is now closed off. She can get downstairs through a mirror in the social parlor. Many people have seen her ghost throughout the building. She is believed to be a student from the 1800s when it was an all female college. She supposedly killed herself in the belfry. Witnesses say they were not threatened by her presence. Related: Contribution

Fine Arts Building – A ghostly man with dark skin has been seen in the building late at night. The theater’s green room is haunted by a presence that makes students feel uncomfortable.

Fowler Dorm – The ghost of a former female student with long brown hair can sometimes be seen standing behind people as they look into a mirror. She is believed to have died in the building long ago. Witnesses have also reported feeling something slam against their bed, even though they are in the room alone.

Kilcawley Dorm – Witnesses have reported toilets flushing by themselves in the downstairs women’s restroom even though they are manual toilets. When the sink is somewhat filled with water, a young woman’s figure can be seen standing behind you in the mirror.

Morley Music Hall – This old music hall is haunted by Mrs. Morley, who is usually seen in a long white gown floating down the staircase. A security guard reported that she once yelled at him to get out really loudly. Others have heard footsteps and even a piano playing downstairs, but when investigated upon, no one would be there. Some have reported feeling hot and cold spots throughout the building. Students in pep band have also reported the sound of a woman screaming, although it is speculated the sound is from an old boiler. Related: Contribution


City Hall – The city hall of Madison was once a Civil War hospital and later served as an insane asylum. It is haunted by ghosts who rearrange furniture and prevent cameras from working properly while in the building. The spirits can sometimes be seen walking the halls and can be heard frequently.


James A. Garfield House – The home of our twentieth President is said to be haunted by his wife, Lucretia. She can be heard walking upstairs and is known to rearrange tools. Witnesses have also reported feeling very uneasy while upstairs.

Orchard Road House – There have been sightings of a ghostly little boy in a house on Orchard Road. Related: Contribution (Credits: Steve Bostwick)


Carroll Avenue Residence – A home along Carroll Avenue is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two former residents, among others. The former residents are known as the Olmstands. It is said that Mr. Olmstand died when he fell in the bedroom, hit his head on the tub and bled to death. Mrs. Olmstand died after a fall down the cellar stairs. Witnesses have seen Mr. Olmstand standing by the bathroom door wearing a housecoat and slippers. Mrs. Olmstand has been spotted in the attic sewing room and at the kitchen stove. Three ghostly CIvil War soldiers have been seen in the basement. The home was built in 1945 atop a former Civil War encampment. (Credits: Paula)

Lake Erie College – A site of multiple hauntings, see Lake Erie College above for details.

Monroe Boulevard House – An abandoned house on Monroe Boulevard is said to be haunted. Ghostly figures have been seen and voices have been heard in the attic when no one else is there. The ghosts have called visitor’s names when in the home and used to turn lights on and off when the house was occupied. (Credits: Michael Thompson)

North St. Clair Bridge – Legend has it that a man known as Snake Bite Scroggs, a local fisherman, hanged a young couple from the bridge when they walked too close to his fishing territory. His ghost is said to haunt the bridge. (Credits: Paul)

Painesville Fairgrounds – It is said that you can sometimes see the apparitions of school children playing and dancing. Legend says they died in a horrible fire. They have been known to play tricks on visitors to the fair.

Rider’s Inn – This inn is haunted by at least two ghosts. One is the ghost of who was described as the ugliest woman in Painesville, Mistress Suzanne. She was supposedly killed by her third husband, Joseph, who had built the inn. Suzanne’s ghost is said to be friendly and warm. When in her presence, people report feeling warm and happy. the other ghost is that of a Civil War soldier who has been spotted standing beside the windows waving.

Rite Aid Pharmacy – An old theater used to occupy the site and was demolished so an office building could be built with a pharmacy on the ground floor. The theater was said to be haunted and the new building is said to have inherited its ghosts.

T.W. Harvey High School – This high school’s original building is said to be haunted. Classrooms on the second floor fall victim to the hauntings where the ghosts turn off electronic equipment. the theater is the most haunted part of the building. It is said that a girl had died while in the theater, along with a drama instructor who died from a heart attack. Lights turn on when they aren’t plugged in, stage lights change colors, other lights fall barely missing witnesses, and things mysteriously move on their own. There is an overwhelming smell of perfume at times, whispers can be heard when no one else is there, and there is a feeling of being watched. The local school board denies the hauntings are valid. (Credits: Heather)


Old Tavern – This old tavern was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. The ghost of a runaway slave is said to haunt the building and its underground tunnels.