College Hall – Contribution

09/12/2004: Thanks to Julie for submitting this story and the photo of what may be an apparition (circled in purple) in the window if College Hall at Lake Erie College. Julie and her boyfriend Dave investigated this old building, which is supposedly haunted by a ghost named Stephanie, as described on the Lake County page of our paranormal section. Their investigation yielded some interesting results, including the photo below, which was featured on Action 19 News. If you have any comments on the photo, please email us at .

IN MEMORY OF JULIET MARIE KELLER (06/14/1975 – 09/08/2010)

My boyfriend, Dave, and I call ourselves the Spirit Stalkers. We go around Ohio checking on all accounts of ghostly activity. Last year after looking through many websites and reading many books, we stumbled upon Lake Erie College on the OES website. Dave and I decided to check out the activity at the Morley Music Hall and College Hall. While we could not account for any claims of paranormal activity at the Morley Music Hall, we did find hauntings at the College Hall. Dave and I arrived during the daytime on a Saturday and found College Hall to be open. We brought in our equipment and began investigating, calling on the spirit of Stephanie as we went throughout the building. We found the social parlor locked but could see through the crack in the mirror that Stephanie is supposed to use as a portal.

As we approached the 3rd floor, we found that the stairs to the fourth floor had been locked with bars blocking the entry to the doors. We did manage to find the fire escape on the outside of the building and Dave climbed up to the outside of the fourth floor doors only to find that they had been boarded shut. So, we managed to complete an investigation from the basement up to the 3rd floor. We had tried many attempts calling upon Stephanie to make herself known. We spent about 2 hours going throughout the building, taking many pictures, using our voice recorders and EMF detector. At this point in time I was not feeling any connection happening with hopes of making contact. Dave and I decided to leave and go back over all of our documentation and get our film developed and listen to our recordings…hoping to pick up an EVP.

As we were leaving, Dave and I thanked Stephanie for her time and told her that we would be back. At that time Dave turned to snap one last picture of the outside of College Hall. Behold the picture that we are sending you in. It looks as if we did get Stephanie after all. She is seen in the 4th floor (mind you it was closed off…no entry to anyone) next to the belfry peering out at us. It looks like the bottom part of her gown even hangs in the 3rd floor window below. I do believe we made a successful connection after all.