Scioto County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Scioto County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Dead Man Hollow – Dead Man Hollow is an isolated section of woods near the right fork of Twin Creek. Its name comes from a small tombstone that reads: “HT Aug. 13, 1824 A.D. Dead M.) The person buried there is believed to be a traveling salesman. It is said that he was robbed and killed while making his way through the wilderness on a footpath. A flood in 1832 washed away some of the grave, revealing some jewelry. Legends about the area have persisted for more than 150 years. If you enter the hollow, you can hear whistling and ghostly footsteps following you.


Edgewood Nursing Home – The ghosts of the former owners haunt the nursing home. They are often seen floating up and down the hall, passing right through the walls. Employees have witnessed a ghostly woman with red hair peeking around doors and being grabbed by unseen hands. There is a feeling of being watched at night and being followed while walking in the halls.

McDaniel Hermit Place – The haunting in this area dates to at least 1896 when the Crow family witnessed an apparition run across the path in front of them. Reports said the place had been abandoned for a few years after the tenants heard moaning and saw headless men roaming the yard at night. A group of men were organized to investigate the haunting but it isn’t known if they ever found anything. The shack where this haunting occurred is long-gone and is now a wooded area that surrounds the prison.

Scioto County Joint Vocational School – There have been reports of footsteps and whispering in the Taylor building where many of the adult classes take place. Lights turn on and off by themselves, computers seem to have a mind of their own, and there is odd activity in the elevator. (Credits: Amber Stewart)

Southern Ohio Correctional Facility – Ever since the longest prison riot in United States history, the Easter 1993 Lucasville Riot, mysterious events have occurred. More than twenty prisoners and guards died in the riot. Five prisoners were sent to death row due to the deaths. Now guards have heard doors slamming and have seen strange shadows passing by them in the blocks where the riot occurred. One guard saw a prisoner walking the block after lockdown. The guard went in pursuit of the prisoner, only to find he had disappeared.


Blake Hollow Tunnel – It is said that when the tunnel was being built, a workman fell into the cement and was never recovered. There is now a mark in the middle of the tunnel where his remains lay entombed. Visitors have experienced strong gusts of wind while inside the tunnel, almost enough to knock them over. A mysterious voice asking for help has been heard as well. Others say this story is only a myth. They state a man did fall into the concrete and the foreman, not wanting to lose money, wanted to leave him there but the state and police demanded that he be removed to have a proper burial. Another local legend tells of a woman with no head wearing a flowing white gown who rides a white horse in the area. One witness fired his gun at her and the gun was permanently broken. Two days later, the witnesses younger brother was killed after the grapevine he was swinging on broke and he fell. (Credits: Kyle Boldman and Jeremy Brickey)


Dry Run Pond on Creek Road – A ghostly small child with a ponytail has been seen pacing up and down the hill and then running into the woods whenever a car approaches. Legend says she was killed in a house fire on the hill many years ago. Some have heard her laughing and playing at night.

Elks Building – Designed by A.B. Agler and built in 1891, the Portsmouth Elks Building at the corner of Court and 2nd Street is reportedly haunted. Heavy, stomping footsteps have been reported on the back stairway and halls. A motion sensor had to be disconnected because something kept setting it off, disturbing business. The old elevator has been known to run by itself. Phonograph music drifts from the fourth floor, as does the smell of cigars. One worker followed the sound and was briefly confronted with a scene from the early 1900s. When she began to walk down the hall, a young man made eye contact and smiled. The entire scene then vanished.

Greenlawn Cemetery – This cemetery, established in 1829, is said to be haunted. Witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures, hearing voices when no one else is around and the feeling of being watched. (Credits: Amber Davis)

Hallmark Care Center – Residents on the second floor complain about being kept up all night by “little black children sitting on their beds.” Doors open and close on their own, water faucets turn on and off by themselves, and children laughing and playing in the attic have been heard.

Journey Within Bookstore – This bookstore has lots of paranormal activity. A man reportedly fell (or was pushed) to his death from a third floor window. An apparition that roams the halls matches the description of the man who fell. Books have fallen into the laps of those attending lectures. People have claimed to have been touched by a ghostly presence while on the second floor. Glimpses of dark shadowy figures have been reported. The laughter of children can sometimes be heard on the third floor when no children are present. Paranormal investigators have recorded great EVPs from inside the store.

Main Library – A woman by the name of Grace is said to haunt the balcony area, which is closed off to the public. She is believed to be a former employee or a person who fell to her death from the balcony. The ghost of a homeless man who died in the library is sometimes seen among the stacks. Lights go on and off by themselves and books are mysteriously rearranged. The hauntings are confined to the older portion of the library.

Memorial Hospital – The stairwell leading down to the morgue is haunted by moans and cries for help. In a room where a man was hostile against religion, religious photos are routinely knocked over and bibles thrown to the floor.

Mitchellace at 830 Murray – The ghosts of two brothers who killed themselves after their shoe company went bankrupt haunt this building. The first brother jumped to his death from a fifth story window. Devastated by the loss of his brother, the second brother killed himself by jumping off the roof onto some railroad tracks that run next to the building. Reports say you can sometimes hear screams on the fifth floor and a breeze blowing. Apparitions of the brothers have been seen on this floor as well. The company currently in the building does not have anyone working directly on the fifth floor because of the haunting. Some employees have even refused to go beyond the third floor. Related: Contribution

PNC Bank – Formerly a National City Bank, workers have reported seeing the image of a man dressed in 1950s clothing and hat following them in the second floor hallway, usually in the morning. He is always seen coming from the stairway door. Those who have seen him feel that he was ill and wet from rain.

Portsmouth 8 Cinema – Witnesses have described the sound of a stall door opening or closing in the women’s restroom when no one else is around. Many employees have seen a tall thin man wearing a black jacket and a little girl. Children have been heard giggling in the hallway and the sound of keys jingling can be heard throughout the building.

White Lady Point – This place overlooks the Ohio River. One October night in the 1800s, the crew of the paddle-wheeler Kanawha Gal heard the screams of a woman while docked on the Kentucky shore. The next day, a hunter found the body of Mary Fisk in the woods. Her cabin was found a bloody mess and her six-year-old son was missing. A single bloody handprint was discovered and was said to be the hand of a giant. Her neighbors buried her body since her husband was gone on a hunting trip. Since then, hundreds of people have seen Mary’s ghost with her arms outstretched and mouth open, screaming. She has also been seen floating near the water along the bank.

 West Portsmouth 

Peach Orchard – Nooses, animal heads and occult symbols have reportedly been found in the area. Witnesses have described hearing screams and even found a missing girl’s purse there once. (Credits: Amber Davis)


Gleim Road Home – This home in the 1200 block of Gleim Road is very haunted. A man wearing a red shirt and khaki pants has been seen on the staircase. Residents have been choked and pushed, and have a constant feeling of being watched. Loud footsteps have been heard walking across the hardwood floors, objects move on their own, and dead animals have been found on the property. Cell phones do not have a signal on the property, but work fine as soon as you step into the street. A medium who visited the home said it was plagued by demons. Related: Contribution (Credits: Regina Boldman)

The Old Factory – It is said that along State Route 522 there is a long dirt road that leads to an old town where a giant factory was located. Some say the town still holds the spirits of the former residents who drowned when they were swept away during a flood. Screams can be heard at night and black ghostly figures have been spotted lurking in the surrounding woods. (Credits: Dan)