Mitchellace Building – Contribution

10/24/2007: Thanks to Duke Conley for sending in this story about the Mitchellace Building in Portsmouth, Scioto County. A former non-believer in ghosts, Duke confirms the haunting that plagues the fifth floor of the building.

The statement that the company there does not have anyone working on the fifth floor is completely untrue. The reason I know this is that I worked on the fifth floor along with one other person. I had only been working for the company for a couple of weeks when I had an encounter with one of the brothers. I did not see anything, it is what I felt and heard that scared the poo right out of me. It was a slow day, so my supervisor (the other person) had me sweep in the west wing, the side that the first brother jumped. As I started to make my way towards the wind, my supervisor told me to watch out for his ghost. I didn’t want take what he said very seriously because at the time, I didn’t believe in ghosts.

Well, I started to sweep in the corner that the first brother jumped from. There is nothing but rows of inventory up there, but I could see the entire wing from where I was. I had the feeling like someone was watching me while I swept, but every time I looked up, no one was there. I thought maybe my supervisor was messing with me. However, when I looked for him, I could see him over on the other wing. Then right as I turned, I heard a horrible scream coming from the corner I was just in. I went over there to see what it was…nothing. I stood there confused and frightened at the same time when I heard someone talking. I kept hearing, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it anymore.” I heard it at least three times before the window I was standing next to opened up slowly and then slammed shut. I screamed and ran to where my supervisor was. He looked at me and grinned and said, “You look like you just seen a ghost.” I never finished sweeping that area.