Gleim Road Home – Contribution

08/11/2011: Thanks to Regina Boldman for sending in her frightening experiences that took place at a home in the 1200 block of Gleim Road in Wheelersburg. She and her family were only able to live there for thirty days before the activity drove them out. The problems seemed to begin after they spotted a man wearing a red shirt and khaki pants on the staircase. In the days after, they constantly heard footsteps, objects moved, and were even assaulted by something unseen.

This is a horrible house. Priests have blessed this place with no avail. We were going to move in the house after we were done working on it, but couldn’t bear the horrible things that were happening to us in the 30 days we were there. Seeing a man with a red shirt and khaki pants on the staircase started the whole ordeal. In the days to follow, we were choked, pushed, loud footsteps on the hardwood floors, constant feeling of being watched, and objects moving. No cell service on land but when on the street, the phone worked fine. Dead animals everywhere. My cell phone called my husband by scrolling through my contacts and picking his name out as we watched and when he didn’t answer after the 10th time, my phone called his phone anonymous. Doors of the car locking people in on the property when power locks have never worked. Unexplained nightmares. The last straw was when my 5-year-old started making mounds from rocks in a room off of a closet upstairs.

We had a paranormal society come to visit who said this house was very unsettling. And last just to be able to deal with what was happening to us, we had a medium come with a pendulum to find out what we were dealing with and make it go away. She told us it was demons and we should not move in the house or have our children there again. So we left and never went back to the house. When all of this started, we kept thinking we were crazy. We contacted the family who had just moved out to ask them the simple question, “Do you think the house is haunted?” Their reply was, “Absolutely, that’s why we moved out.” They had told us that they had a priestess come out and bless the house and put chalk crosses on the doorways. That seemed to make everything worse. We tried to do research on this property but turned up nothing. We left the house in August of 2010 after working on what we thought was going to be the perfect family home for thirty horrific days and are still feeling the effects of it today. This place is a true nightmare.