Erie County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Erie County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Castalia Cemetery – It is said that if you drive your vehicle through the cemetery at night, the vehicle will stall and you will hear yelling and screaming coming from the center of the cemetery. If you see smoke after the commotion stops, you will see your own gravestone on the way out of the cemetery.

 Cedar Point Amusement Park 

Breakwater Cafe – The ghost of a little boy who drowned in the water just beyond the patio of the Breakwater Cafe has occasionally been spotted. (Credits: Jacob Freimark)

Frontiertown Carousel – A ghostly woman could sometimes be seen riding the military horse at the park’s Frontiertown carousel. Many believe she was either the wife of the man who carved the horse or a woman on her honeymoon. It was said the horse could not be photographed without mishap. Employees reported hearing music coming from the carousel at night and occasionally found it spinning backwards. Legend said the carousel originated from Michigan and was used by Al Capone to torture people before dumping their bodies into the lake. The carousel was moved to Pennsylvania’s Dorney Park in 1995, but the original military horse remains at Cedar Point in the Frontiertown Museum.

Hotel Breakers – Hotel Breakers is the site of multiple haunts. A balcony where a couple made a suicide pact is haunted. The man jumped to his death while the woman held onto the ledge and lifted herself to safety. Females have reported feeling a strong pull toward the balcony as the ghostly man tries to pull them into eternity. People have reported hearing crying and their shower turning on and off on its own in a room where a girl had committed suicide in the shower. The ballroom is haunted by mysterious music and ghostly dancers. Pictures move on their own in the hotel’s Friday’s restaurant.


Darrow and Barrows Intersection – The sounds of a deadly car accident can occasionally be heard at the original intersection of Darrow Road and Barrows Road. The intersection was redone a few years ago, so the new intersection is in a different location. (Credits: Brenda Pole)

Darrow and Hahn House – A house at the corner of Darrow Road and Hahn Road was supposedly built atop an old burial ground. The tombstones were removed, but many of the bodies remained. As the story goes, there was a beautiful woman named Bethany, a name given to her since no one knows her real name, who died a tragic death in the early 1900s. Some say she was murdered while others say she committed suicide. Mysteriously, both of her children died a month before her from an unknown illness. Their father had left them earlier. Bethany was found in the basement of her house with her wrists slit. Her ghost is said to visit  the home, wearing a white dress. She is said to befriend children and watch over them. She shows a slight aggression toward men. So far, Bethany has only appeared to children.

 Kelley’s Island 

4-H Camp – The cabins of the 4-H Camp are said to be haunted. Things move around when no one is nearby, voices can be heard by the deaf, and people sometimes report seeing dark figures walking on the beach, only to disappear in the blink of an eye.

Quarry Ghosts – During the 1840s, Datus Kelley ran a very successful limestone quarry beneath Lake Erie. A foreman ordered a blast in the wrong place and the entire tunnel collapsed. Many of those who died were never found. Their ghosts are said to haunt the remaining tunnels beneath the lake. Rumors say their spirits pull down ships, and many believe they were responsible for the 1936 sinking of the Sand Merchant. Five of the twenty-four survivors described feeling like they were being pulled under the water by unseen hands.


Milan Cemetery – Abbot’s Tomb is said to be haunted. Supposedly if you go up and knock on the door, the Abbots will chase you away. Many orbs have been seen in the cemetery, especially around the tomb. A cross-shaped tombstone in the cemetery sometimes mysteriously glows at night.

Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum – Reports of strange noises and mysterious music are common. Angel-like figures are sometimes seen and young children see people when no one is there.


Portland Road – Drivers have seen a man riding a 10-speed bicycle across Portland Road from the quarry. One driver slammed on her brakes and heard a slight thud. She stopped to investigate and found no one…the street was dark and empty. (Credits: Julia Enderle)


Carr Street Residence – The family who lived at this Carr Street home moved out after experiencing strange activity, such as attacks, objects moving, mysterious noises, apparitions, and nightmares. An entity had been haunting generations of family members there for years. The house was blessed and the new owners have not experienced anything out of the ordinary. (Credits: Jenna)

Cedar Point Amusement Park – A site of multiple hauntings. See Cedar Point Amusement Park above for details.

Cholera Cemetery – This lakefront cemetery is haunted by victims of cholera who were unconscious and buried alive. The cemetery went untended for many years due to people afraid of being infected. The spirits who haunt the place are said to be vengeful.

Dollar General – The Dollar General store at the corner of Huntington Road and Cleveland Road is said to be haunted. Before the store was built, the Keller family mansion stood on the property. By 1922, all of the Keller family had tragically died. Elias, the father, died of an illness and his wife and three children later died in a boating accident. Two weeks after their death, an arsonist set the mansion on fire and it burned to the ground. Today there have been sightings of apparitions along Huntington Road, in Dollar General, and in several homes along the road. A driver witnessed a little girl holding a doll in her hands along the road. When the driver slowed down to ask if she was okay, the little girl disappeared. Spectral music can be heard in the parking lot and odd lights are seen. Witnesses have also reported seeing figures in the parking lot, only to vanish before their eyes. One eyewitness reported hearing a voice say, “Mrs. Keller. Mrs. Keller, let me get that for you,” while in the parking lot. The only other person in sight was more than 500 feet away.

Lyman Harbor – Now the site of restaurants and nightclubs, the Lyman Boat Works occupied the site in the 1930s. A ghostly figure has been seen walking down the hallway of the Jumping Jupiter nightclub. Mysterious voices are heard and cold spots felt in the hallway as well. Patrons and workers at the Blue Heron dining area have reported feeling their hair tugged by unseen hands.

Mix 102.7 FM – This building houses Sandusky’s WLEC, WCPZ and WMJK radio stations. The building was once an Army barracks and is said to be haunted. Lights turn on and off, weird noises are heard, and near where a piano once sat, shuffling cards are heard. A former station engineer nicknamed Pinky is believed to continue his duties from beyond the grave, sometimes tinkering with electronic equipment. Related: OES Investigation

River Well House – The McGreen family was given a large sum of money as a gift in the 1800s. They argued among each other as to what they would do with the money. They finally decided to leave the money outside in their wagon overnight until they determined what to do with it. When they awoke the next morning, the money was gone. Mr. McGreen was so angered that he killed his entire family and then hanged himself in the well. After this, mysterious happenings started to occur in the house. Doors opened and closed by themselves, pets refused to enter the dining room and plants would never live in the home. Small fires would start themselves in the fireplace and door handles often wiggled. Shadowy figures darted around the house and images could be seen outside a huge picture window. The house itself mysteriously burned to the ground in 1970, but the well remains. Nothing will grow within a 10 foot radius of it.

Sand Hill – Legend says that British soldiers killed the occupants of an Indian camp at this location while the men were out hunting. When the hunters returned to find the massacre, they tracked down the soldiers and brought them back to the camp. The soldiers were tortured, scalped and burned at the stake. It is said that on an early fall night when the moon and clouds are as they were that night, you can not only see the flames but also hear the screams and smell the burning flesh as the event had happened. On other nights, you can see the Indian camp as it was the night just before they were murdered. Related: Contribution

Sandusky Mall – There are reportedly restless spirits walking the corridors of the mall late at night. A township police officer reported seeing a mysterious red light at the mall’s main entrance when sitting in the parking lot around 1:30 AM completing paperwork. As he approached the doors, the light disappeared. He contacted mall security who stated they were on the other side of the building, nearly a ten minute walk. An associate cleaning the fragrance table at Kaufmann’s felt as if someone was standing behind her. She turned, thinking it was her relief for break, and a brush of cold air hit her and she fell to the ground. Disembodied voices have been heard from the women’s side of American Eagle. A woman’s scream can be heard around midnight in front of Mastercuts and a noose has been found several times in the storage area of Cheers. A ghostly woman wearing a red dress has been reported near the center court, but she disappears when approached. She is the most common sighting at the mall. She is usually spotted facing the Elder-Beerman store, as if waiting for someone to come out. A child told his mother that he was speaking to a lady in a red dress at the Kalahari/Kasper Off Road Adventure play area. An overnight security guard had also witnessed the lady in red and actually called the police, thinking she was an intruder. The guard stayed hidden in a corner behind Hot Topic waiting for the police to answer the phone. When they answered, he began to speak and the lady turned toward him. As he was backing away, the lady moved toward him and disappeared into the Suncoast Studio door. The security guard no longer works for the mall. Other witnesses have seen a headless hitchhiker waiting outside Kaufmann’s and a car with no driver has been spotted zooming down Sandusky Mall Boulevard. It is said the area was used by gangsters to commit murders, including several man and at least two women, one of which was called the woman in red. She was a dancer at a local speakeasy. At the mall was being finished in 1976, a tornado hit the middle of the mall. Rumors say a woman stocking one of the stores was killed when a wall fell on her. These events could explain some of the mall’s hauntings.

Sandusky State Theater – The theater is haunted by at least four spirits. One eyewitness who was cleaning the balcony reported seeing a ghostly figure wearing 1920s-era clothing walk across the stage. The glowing light blue figure stopped, looked at the witness and vanished. An employee who was mopping the floor heard footsteps walking on the floor and turned to see footprints being made on the damp floor. Another incident occurred in the projector room, still equipped with its original 1928 units. During a performance one evening, the projectionist heard someone whisper, “Change the focus.” When he turned, no one was there. He went back to work only to hear the same whisper several more times until the projector suddenly stopped.

Sleep Inn – Employees have reported they feel as if they are not alone when walking the halls on the third floor at night. The television in room 317 will turn on and flip through channels by itself. A laundry attendant was trapped in room 315, as the locks are on the inside and the doors open to the inside, but it would not open. Housekeepers cleaning room 324 have periodically seen the curtains in room 312 fluttering, but when the room is checked, the AC unit is off and the room vacant. Doors slam shut and footsteps can be heard when employees are on the third floor alone. Whenever they call out or go to see who is there, the hall is empty.


Devil’s Heartbeat – Located in Lorain County. See listing there.

Gore Orphanage – Located in Lorain County. See listing there.

Kelm House – This dilapidated abandoned home off Risen Road was said to have been cursed, although no one knows why. The house was demolished and a new house stands in its place. It is unknown if the curse has carried over to the new home.

Maple Grove Cemetery – Legend says that an angel statue in the cemetery was both haunted and cursed. Supposedly if you looked into the angel’s eyes, they would begin to glow. If they glowed, you would die shortly afterwards. The caretakers have removed the statue due to the hordes of teenagers going there at night to ‘ghost hunt.’