Mix 102.7 Radio Station Investigation

Investigation #05ORM70142

The Ohio Exploration Society conducted this investigation at the Mix 102.7 Radio Station in Sandusky, Ohio, on October 27, 2005. The investigation was approximately two hours long, from 9:00 PM until 11:00 PM.

General Information

Formerly barracks for the Army, the building that houses Sandusky’s WLEC, WCPZ, and WMJK radio stations is reportedly haunted. Lights turn on and off, weird noises are heard, and the sound of shuffling cards can be heard near where a piano once sat. A former station engineer nicknamed “Pinky” is believed to continue his job from beyond the grave, sometimes tinkering with electronic equipment.

Investigators Attending

  • Jason Robinson – Ohio Exploration Society Founder
  • Dan Baisden – Investigator

Equipment Used

  • 1 Sony MiniDV Camcorder
  • 1 Sony Hi8mm Camcorder
  • 1 Sony NightVision Extender
  • 1 Digital Camera
  • 2 Digital Audio Recorders
  • 2 External Microphones
  • 1 TriField Natural EM Meter
  • 1 Thermocouple Thermometer

Paranormal / Unusual Activity

Unfortunately, we did not record any electronic voice phenomenon or capture anything out of the ordinary on video or photos during the investigation. We did, however, experience unusual activity. While walking through a back hallway where station equipment was located, Baisden (who worked at the station) walked into one of the studios and adjusted a dial. Robinson asked Baisden if something was wrong and Baisden replied that he noticed something was not set properly and had to make an adjustment. Robinson asked if this was something “Pinky” would know how to do, which Baisden confirmed.

Looking at the lights on the piece of equipment (which scaled from green to red), Robinson asked “Pinky” if he could increase the lights again and make them go into the red. To the amazement of both Robinson and Baisden, the lights increased into the red, stayed there for a few seconds, then decreased back into the green. Robinson asked “Pinky” if he could do this again, and the lights went into the red and back as it had done previously. Robinson repeated this process once more with the same result. Thinking this could somehow be coincidence, Robinson asked “Pinky” if he could take all of the lights away on the equipment. A few seconds later all of the lights on the panel turned off. This lasted for about 10 seconds, then the lights came on and the equipment resumed normal operation. Baisden stated that this particular piece of equipment controlled their tower and it may have caused the station to temporarily go off the air. This was one of the rare occasions that a potential entity actually responded to our requests in such an obvious manner.

Site Information

Mix 102.7 Radio Station
1640 Cleveland Road
Sandusky, Ohio 44870
(419) 625-1010