Lorain County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Lorain County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Boot Hill Cemetery – This long-forgotten and neglected cemetery was the site of many grave robberies before cadavers could legally be used by medical schools. The cemetery rested in peace for a number of years until a group of boys went to the cemetery to dig up a body as part of a club initiation. They began to dig, only to hear mysterious noises coming from the nearby brush and small rocks began to rain from the sky. The boys ran from the cemetery without reaching their goal.

 Avon Lake 

Avon Lake High School – The ghost of a former custodian named Clark Danbury, who suffered a terrible death in the early 1900s, is said to haunt the school. His ghost has been seen in the auditorium where loud banging noises are heard and mysterious lights are seen. The custodian is said to continue his work from beyond the grave.

Avon Lake Movie Theater – The theater is haunted by a projectionist who legend says died by either hanging himself or in a car accident. At any rate, people have reportedly heard strange sounds coming from the projection rooms and movies have been known to start and stop on their own. A former employee claims as she was cleaning after hours one night, she saw a strange man in the projection room. No one was found upon inspection. (Credits: Heather)

 Columbia Station 

Columbia Cemetery – This cemetery on West River Road is divided into a newer section and an older section. A little girl has been seen in the newer section skipping to a tombstone where she kneels down and disappears.

Myrtle Hill Cemetery – The cemetery that sits on top of Myrtle Hill contains an old tombstone where witches were supposedly buried. A large marble ball that marks the grave has a warm feel and gives off a strange mist all year long.


Allied Waste – Employees have reported seeing dark, shadowy figures in the building. Doors open and close without explanation and lights turn on and off. Footsteps have been heard upstairs when no one else is in the building. Crashing sounds and bumping noises have also been heard. Employees have dubbed the ghost “Frank.”

Cascade – It is said that if you go up on the rocks at night, you can see a fire with people around it. You can hear howling and screaming by the falls. Reports of shadowy figures on the swings are common.

Cascade School – This school is supposedly haunted by an unknown spirit. It is said to slam doors shut for no apparent reason. (Credits: Chelsie Giar)

Cottesbrooke Curve – On the night of July 16, 1903, E.L. Gavin was killed in a horrible trolley wreck on the Cottesbrooke curve. For many years after, trolley workers passing through the area where the accident occurred reported seeing a shadowy figure standing in the middle of the track, only to disappear when the headlight shined on it. Other workers reported seeing and/or hearing an oncoming trolley car, only for it to disappear. Today the area is along Oberlin Elyria Road between Russia Road and Lagrange Road.

Elyria High School – It is rumored that the tunnels beneath the school are haunted, although no one is sure why. Paranormal activity has been reported in the Washington building and a large hot spot has been felt in the auditorium. Security guards have reported seeing the image of a person running down the hallway on their camera monitors at night. The guards check all doors and windows, finding them all locked and no one else in the building. (Credits: Jessi)

Franklin Elementary School – Employees at the school have experienced strange things during the day. Mysterious music and talking can be heard, but the source is never found. A woman wearing a “Satan-type” dress has been spotted as well. (Credits: Christine Brown)

Highway 113 Pond – Witnesses driving past this man-made pond have reported seeing a glowing human-shaped figure floating above the middle of the pond, walking in mid-air, and often staring at the passing cars.

Saint Agnes Church – Neighbors of the church say the place is haunted. People who ride bicycles near the church have been knocked off of their bike by an unseen force. Bats are said to fly around the top of the church all year round. (Credits: Chelsie Giar)

Vermont Avenue – Witnesses walking down Vermont Avenue in Colonial Oaks mobile home park around 3:00 AM have reported the sound of gunshots near the home where a family was murdered years ago. (Credits: John D.)


Duane Building – This 1901-era building known as “The Arcade” is said to be haunted. Former residents have smelled the scent of flowers where a flower shop had once been located. Others have smelled cigar smoke in an area where people used to gather to wait for the streetcar after shopping. A ghostly woman has been spotted several times inside the building. A fire struck the old, decaying structure in 2002. It was believed that squatters accidentally ignited the blaze on the third floor while trying to stay warm. At least one witness saw “figures of men” standing in the third floor windows during the fire, but no one was inside the building. The building has since been restored with new storefronts and apartments. It is unknown if the new occupants have experienced anything out-of-the-ordinary.

G Street Park – Supposedly a railroad spike that was removed from a hole released spirits into the park. The figure of a ghostly woman has been seen around midnight near the spot of the hole. Screaming and yelling are heard throughout the night.

Hawthorn Boone School – It is said that the ghost of an old janitor haunts the school. In life, the janitor used to ride a bicycle in the school, ringing the bell. The sounds of his bell can still be heard.

Longfellow Elementary School – The area around this school is reportedly haunted. Screams can be heard in the area in the early morning hours and lights flicker in the old building, even when nobody is there. Figures of children walking and a slender adult woman have been seen staring out of the window. A very tall, dark figure has also been spotted in the park and often vanishes upon being spotted. (Credits: Kailey and Brandy)

Old Lorain High School – One could hear basketballs bouncing and people talking on the second floor gym when no one was there. The locker rooms were located beneath the gym and when the sounds were investigated, no one was around. There was a “yellow brick road” down in the tunnel. Witnesses reported the feeling of dread and not being alone when in the tunnel. This was especially true due to all of the old black and white photographs that hang on the walls, staring into the tunnel. (Credits: Ashley)

SkateWorld – Part of SkateWorld served as a motel from at least the 1950s until it was converted to a roller skating rink in the mid-1970s. According to the owner, a woman was shot and killed in the motel room that serves as the Pro Shop today. The woman’s ghost has reportedly been seen many times, roaming the main hallway that once served as the walkway outside the motel rooms. Although unconfirmed by the owner, witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly figure standing beside the dumpster whistling, but it vanishes when approached.

Spruce Street – Witnesses have reported seeing a legless ghostly figure wearing a black cape gliding along Spruce Street. The specter is most commonly sighted in the 100 block of Spruce Street. (Credits: Bailey)

Westwood Junior High School – Night shift custodians have claimed to see a tall figure of a well-dressed black man roaming the halls of the building. They have also heard locker doors slamming shut, voices of children, chairs being pushed off the tables, weird knocking sounds, and the feeling of being watched. Strangely enough, on rare occasions, money was found in places after they were cleaned. Most of the paranormal activity takes place in the learning center (library), locker rooms, and the auditorium.

 North Ridgeville 

Saint Peters Church – When the church is quiet enough, it is said you can hear footsteps walking up and down the aisle, even when no one else is in the building.


New Union Center for the Arts – Strange voices can be heard when the building is empty, apparitions are seen, and objects move from one room to another.

Warner Center – This building on the campus of Oberlin College is haunted by a redheaded woman.

 Sheffield Lake 

Sheffield Middle School – Legend says a young student was found dead by a janitor one night after drowning in the pool. The area around the pool is supposedly haunted by her spirit. The pool has not been used since the incident, but her apparition has been seen in the hallway at the entrance to the pool. NOTE: The OES has learned there was never a pool at the school. There were never any swim teams for schools in the area, so there was no need for a swimming pool at the school. (Credits: Stacy)


Devil’s Heartbeat – Also known as Dean’s Hollow, this old, dangerous oil derrick in Vermilion is said to be haunted. It is said that you can see a blinding blue light at night and hear a booming sound, like a heartbeat. (Credit: Brenda Poole)

Dean’s Hollow Bridge – The bridge located in Dean’s Hollow (mentioned above) was the site of a man’s suicide. It is said that he hanged himself with a rope from the bridge’s rafters. The rope remained hanging from the bridge long after his body was removed. The old bridge was eventually torn down and a new one built. Legend says that if you drive across the bridge on certain nights, you will see the rope hanging from the rafters. If you see the rope, it is believed you will die soon after.

Gore Orphanage – Legend says an orphanage burned down in the early part of the twentieth century and all the children died. it is said that when the conditions are right, one can drive down the road and hear children crying and smell burning flesh. People have claimed that something unseen bangs on their cars, causing them to quickly flee the area. Once home, witnesses find small handprints in the dust on their cars. NOTE: Further research has indicated that the orphanage did not burn down with children inside. The remnants of the Swift Mansion are often mistaken for the orphanage. The orphanage was located near a bridge close to the mansion, but the mansion itself was never used as an orphanage. The orphanage burned to the ground well after it was closed and abandoned. Remember, as with most parks, the Gore Orphanage area closes at dusk. (Credits: Stacy Lawson)

Swift Mansion – Also known as Swift’s Hollow or The Old Swift Place, there were reportedly many deaths recorded on the property. Most of the deaths were children who died due to illness. The mansion burned down in 1926 and the area is still said to be haunted.