Concord Church

The OES visited Concord Church on July 1, 2001, just outside of Eaton. Upon arriving to the church we noticed a sign in the front of the building that included the times of worship, indicating the church was still in use. It was a Sunday when we visited, but no one was around. The church’s sign stated the congregation was founded in 1840, but they originally gathered at the old Dixon Township house. The present church was constructed in 1848 at the cost of one thousand dollars. Elder Levi Purviance served as the first pastor. Particularly interesting about this church was the large steeple and what appeared to be a platform at the top. The view must be quite breathtaking from that height. There were also men’s and women’s outhouses and an old hand-pumped well. Concord Cemetery was located across the street from the church and is featured in our cemetery section. It began to rain heavily while we were there, so we had to return to our vehicle quickly. Thank you to Corrine for taking us to this location.

Location Information: Active Place of Worship

Concord Church is south of the intersection of Concord Road and Fairhaven Road near Eaton; Preble County.