Woodgate Road Ouija – Contribution

09/04/2004: Thanks to Carrie Arnett for submitting this story about her experience with an Ouija board in her home on Woodgate Road, located in Clermont County. She and her friends would play with the Ouija board, looking for a good time and a good scare. After each time they would throw the board away, but the box of one board decided to return! Pretty eerie stuff. As a side note, the OES does not recommend Ouija board use as they have potential to do unintentional harm.

Well, this happened around maybe 1992. My friends and I were always looking for a good time. We would buy Ouija boards and would always get scared and throw them away because no one would take them home, and I sure didn’t want it to stay in my house! My house was the place where everyone always seemed to gather. One night, and probably our 10th Ouija board, at least, I decided that we wouldn’t get rid of this one. I mean, they cost like 15-20 dollars, and none of us had a job. So, since it was my house, I was going to have to be the brave one! I sat it on a shelf in my bedroom, and it was almost time to go to bed. My mother came in to say goodnight, and I asked her to put it in our spare bedroom because I felt like it was looking at me! She got a real kick out of that, and started messing with me saying, “It will be sitting in your room in the morning, or it will come over onto your bed!” She was joking of course, and laughing, but needless to say, I was ready to throw it away now! So, I told her to put it outside on our back porch, still laughing, she says, “It’s going to hover up to your window, ha ha ha.” So, now, we had to really get rid of this thing, I was really freaking out at this point. So, I talked her into driving me to a nearby apartment complex to throw it in one of their dumpsters, so I could sleep of course, so that’s what we did. i got out of the car and threw it in the dumpster. Now, feeling much better, I went home and went to bed for school. It was about 11:30 PM, yes it was late but I was about 16 years old at the time.

Got up for school, yes it was still dark outside, but I didn’t have a care or worry in the world about this stupid Ouija board – right – because I knew I put it in a dumpster, a very tall dumpster that you would’ve needed a ladder or at least a very tall stool to get in. When I went to leave for the bus stop, I open my front door. It was very dark outside, and no the porch light was not on. I stepped down out of the door and I could feel that I wasn’t stepping onto concrete. So I shut the door and looked down, and it was the Ouija board lid, the top with the picture! I freaked out! I took off running to my bus stop, and the middle of the box, the part with the three holes in it to hold the applicator, was in my neighbor’s front yard. I was so scared…no one knew that we even drove it over there to the dumpster. And you literally would have to climb into it to get it, it was that tall! The board nor the applicator were ever found, still have no idea how it got there…