Clermont County Hauntings & Legends

On this page you will find haunted locations and legends of Clermont County. Many of these are genuine and documented haunts, but others may be legend or hearsay. Remember, we do not condone trespassing. Always seek permission before entering private property. If you know of a haunting or legend not listed for this county, please submit them through our Haunting Submission Form.

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Dead Man’s Curve – This was a dangerous turning intersection where many people had lost their lives. It was once part of the Ohio Turnpike, built in 1831, until the state rebuilt the road into a straight four-lane road in 1969. In October of that year, five teens were killed when their 1968 Impala was hit by a 1969 Roadrunner going more than 100 miles-per-hour. Only one guy named Rick survived. Since that day, the intersection has been haunted by a faceless hitchhiker, who Rick has personally seen at least five times. The ghost is described as a three dimensional shadowy figure. Psychics with no knowledge of the site have described it as very evil. A driverless Impala and a ghostly green Roadrunner have been seen in the area as well.

Dunham House – In the early 1800s, angry Indians raided the house and killed the Tracy family’s little daughter. The house is now supposedly haunted.

East Ohio Pike Home – A residence on East Ohio Pick is the site of many strange happenings. At least five residents have moved out of the home due to the activity. Objects move on their own, furniture in the home vibrates and pictures mysteriously float off the wall.

East Fork Cemetery – There have been reports of sudden smells of perfume followed by the smell of garlic in the cemetery. The source of the smell cannot be found. This location is also known as Old Bethel Cemetery. Related: Contribution

Lucy Run Cemetery Road – A girl went out on horseback in search for her lover one rainy night. It rained so much that the river began to flood the street. The horse slipped in the water and the girl was thrown from her horse into the river where she drowned. Her ghost has been seen walking along the street still in search of her lover. On a full moon, her ghost is said to be seen wearing a white wedding dress and veil. She was buried in the cemetery on the hill above the street. If one walks in the cemetery and finds her tombstone, you can see her face peeking around the grave. (Credits: Robin Carson)


Clermont County Infirmary – The infirmary had served as a mental hospital, nursing home, poorhouse, and an orphan nursery for many years. It was built in 1833 and was demolished in 2001. When it was still standing, ghostly figures were often sighted in the windows and lights flickered, even when there was no electricity in the building. The haunting seemed particularly active during the years the building stood abandoned. Many of those who died at the infirmary are buried in a nearby field.

Clermont County Women’s Jail – A wing of the jail was built atop the field where those who died in the county’s infirmary were often laid to rest. The jail is said to be haunted by those whose graves were not relocated during the construction of the wing.

Hell’s Church – Located near State Route 32 in Batavia are the remains of a church that burned to the ground over 20 years ago. It stood painted red with stained glass windows. Lightning struck the church during a blood ritual on All Hallows Eve one night. Strange things, such as floating orbs, ghastly screams and phantom vehicles have all been reported there. It is said that grass will not grow on the spot where the altar was located.


Tealtown Road – Two ghostly figures can be seen in the woods near this road arguing, followed by the sound of gunshots. It is believed these ghosts belong to two friends who died there one afternoon in a murder-suicide.


Marret Road – The road is home to a devil worshiping cult during the night. It has been said they sacrifice goats there often and rumored that they have even held human sacrifices.

Smyrna Cemetery – This cemetery is haunted by an old Shawnee sorceress who was killed by her tribe after they found her to be betraying them. The second line of her tombstone reads “Beware of her.” A ghostly dog appeared in a photograph taken at the grave. (Credits: JJ Damron)


Peaceful Valley – A cult is said to be the source of many problems in the area. When in the valley late at night, cult members will chase you away, driving a pick-up truck with the high beams on. While most of the time the truck only chases explorers away, there have been reports of the cult making physical contact to those who drive slowly or stop their vehicle.


Loveland Castle – The castle in Loveland is said to be haunted by a king and paige who are attached to a throne that was imported there. The builder of the castle, a man named Harry, also haunts the place. He reportedly died when the leaves he was burning set him on fire.

Stucco Mansion – A family who lived in this home would hear mysterious voices and lights turned on when no one else was around. A boy who slept in an attic bedroom would knock and would hear knocking back. Some days when a family member was home alone, they would see figures and strange shadows.


The Ghostly Trainman – The ghost of a trainman who was killed by Morgan’s Raiders has been seen on both the railroad tracks and on the road. The ghost sometimes watches a farmer plow his field.


Promont – Employees report hearing ghostly footsteps coming down the stairs and walking across the upstairs floors. One employee even reported that someone had grabbed her ankle but no one admitted to doing it. The mansion was also home to former Ohio Governor John M. Pattison. He died of pneumonia only five months after he took office. At least three people have died at Promont, including Henry Hodges, who was a famous millionaire tobacco farmer.

Stonelick Covered Bridge – Legend says if you go inside this circa 1878 covered bridge, turn off your car and flash your headlights three times, you can see a man hanging from a tree through the window of the bridge. Your car will not start again until he disappears. There is also said to be a church nearby and if you’re caught being near it, a black pickup truck will chase you down the road. Remember, as with all places on private property, always seek permission and anyone found trespassing may be subject to arrest.


Spate House – This two-story brick mansion was built along the Ohio River between 1796 and 1798. It housed many famous people, including the King of France Louis Philippe and the first tourist in America, Marquis de Lafayette. However, none of these famous people haunted the place. The mansion was haunted by a dog that was killed over a card game dispute. The dog was thrown into the Ohio River in a canvas bag and drowned. The house was full of cold spots and bad vibes. An occasional whining and barking of a dog could be heard coming from within the walls. UPDATE 2012: Sadly, the Spate House was destroyed by an EF3 tornado that devastated the entire town of Moscow on March 2, 2012.

 New Richmond 

New Richmond High School – The auditorium of the high school is said to be haunted by a former student. In the 1970s, a young man committed suicide by driving his car into the Ohio River. Strange noises, including footsteps, have been heard coming from the theater’s catwalk, and the air ducts near the ceiling often rattle for no apparent reason. Members of the NRHS drama club report that the ghost is friendly and they affectionately refer to him as Fred.

Pond Run Road – It is said that the parents of a mentally disturbed kid chained him up in their basement. Lightning struck the house during a storm and the bodies of both parents were found. All that was found of the boy was his hand. Now wearing a hook for a hand, the boy has haunted the road for many years, wreaking havoc on all who stop there.


South Broadway Sally – The name Sally Evans mysteriously appeared written in chalk in the attic of the home. Some time later, a resident of the home saw the apparition of a beautiful woman wearing a pale green dress at the bottom of the staircase. The apparition was there for only a few seconds before dissipating. Not everything was as harmless, however. One time the medicine cabinet mirror shattered from the inside out for no apparent reason. Shards of glass cut the witness’s toe, but strangely enough, there was no cut on her toe the next day. Related: Contribution (Credits: Susan Stone)

Village Hall – Built in 1859 as a church, the Morgan’s Raiders met some resistance there from an old man with a shotgun on July 14, 1863. Nellie is the name of the ghost who haunts the hall. He is said to clean the building, move furniture and turn up in photographs.

 Point Pleasant 

Ulysses S. Grant Birthplace – The birthplace of the eighteenth President of the United States is haunted by an unseen ghost who causes the spinning wheel to turn when no one else is around.


Spiritualists Ghosts – The ghosts of a spiritualist group that was killed in the 1847 flood is said to haunt the banks of the Ohio River. During a dance party in December of that year, the building they were dancing in collapsed and sent many of the people there into the icy waters of the Ohio River. Many drowned or succumbed to the cold. Residents of the tiny town have reported seeing ghostly figures walking out of the water. Strange lights have also been reported along the riverbank and in the river itself.


Williamsburg High School – The school is reportedly haunted by multiple ghosts. The county’s last hanging tree was located where the library now stands. Three students have supposedly jumped to their deaths from the third floor window, a teacher shot herself on the third floor, and a janitor hanged himself in a third floor closet. Strange lights have been seen moving from room to room during the night.